Papa acorda

papa acorda

What happened to PAP’açôrda?

So, with no hard feelings, Pap’Açôrda, one of Lisbon’s most iconic restaurants, has packed up and moved out – to a larger space on the first floor of the Time Out Market. Along with the team has come the chandelier, the famous bowl of chocolate mousse and other house classics, but also many new developments.

How big is the new PAP’açorda in Lisbon?

With about 800 square metres between two dining rooms – one of them for smokers – and two bars, the new Pap’açorda has 150 seated places and another 25 at the counter. Still overseeing the kitchen is Chef Manuela Brandão, who has had the job for 33 years (which is also his age, obviously).

Whats it like to stay at papaçôrda?

Looking for something not so live and vibrant, we found, on its 1st floor, PapAçôrda - almost an oasis of tranquility, if compared... to the ground floor of Mercado da Ribeira. We had a great time, with delicious Portuguese traditional cuisine and sweets. Clean decor, adequate wine list, friendly service and average prices.

Is PAP’açorda still worth a visit?

The Pap’Açorda is still an amazing choice for dessert: chocolate mousse. Regarding the menu i would say that it was more impressive in the past. We had roasted pork, mushrooms pie, fried savel. They were ok. The service is polite, the room nice, the bathrooms... too far away and need some works.

What to eat at PAP’açôrda?

John Dory fish filets with orange sauce, boiled potatoes and turnip tops Pap’Açôrda’s beef steak with cream sauce served with French fries and creamed spinach Black pork tenderloin sealed with Portuguese sweet paprika, served with cornbread puré with chorizo and turnip tops

How much does it cost to eat at papaçorda?

If you plan to eat at PapAçorda, the average price should be around €25. The average price is calculated based on appetizer/entrée or entrée/dessert, excluding drinks. Prices have been provided by the restaurant.

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