Pedro alvares cabral

pedro alvares cabral

Who was Pedro Álvares Cabral?

Pedro Álvares Cabral ( Belmonte, 1467 ou 1468 – Santarém, c. 1520) foi um fidalgo, comandante militar, navegador e explorador português, creditado como o descobridor do Brasil. Realizou significativa exploração da costa nordeste da América do Sul, reivindicando-a para Portugal.

Where is Pedro Álvares Cabral buried?

He was buried in the São João Evangelista chapel of the Convento da Graça in Santarém. Cantino planisphere 1502, one of the earliest surviving charts showing the explorations of Pedro Álvares Cabral to Brazil. The Tordesillas line is also depicted.

Who were Pedro Cabrals parents?

He was a son of Fernão Álvares Cabral and Isabel Gouveia—one of five boys and six girls in the family. Cabral was christened Pedro Álvares de Gouveia and only later, supposedly upon his elder brothers death in 1503, did he begin using his fathers surname.

What did Pedro Cabral discover?

It depicts Pedro Álvares Cabral, leader of the Portuguese expedition that discovered the land that would later be known as Brazil in 1500. Pedro Álvares Cabral was a Portuguese explorer who is credited with discovering Brazil in South America.

Where was Pedro Cabral born?

Cabral was born in about 1467 in the town of Belmonte, Portugal. His father, Fernão Cabral, was a nobleman who served in the Portuguese king’s court. Pedro’s family had served as advisors to the king for many generations. He did the same when he became an adult.

What country did Pedro Cabral sail for?

Pedro Álvares Cabral. Pedro Álvares Cabral (c. 1467-1520) was a Portuguese navigator who discovered Brazil on a voyage to India. Born on the family estate in Belmonte, Pedro Álvares Cabral grew up close to the Portuguese court.

Where did the Cabral family come from?

The Cabral family rose to prominence during the 14th century. Álvaro Gil Cabral (Cabrals great-great-grandfather and a frontier military commander) was one of the few Portuguese nobles to remain loyal to Dom João I, King of Portugal during the war against the King of Castile.

Who was Francisco de Cabral?

Cabral was born into a family of great privilege, held in high esteem among the Portuguese royal family. He spent many years in the service of King Manuel I, who in 1500 entrusted him to lead an expedition of 13 ships to India.

Pedro Álvares Cabral, (born 1467/68, Belmonte, Portugal-died 1520, Santarém?), Portuguese navigator who is generally credited as the first European to reach Brazil (April 22, 1500).

How did Pedro Alves Cabral change the world?

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