Toyota aygo x

toyota aygo x

What is the Toyota Aygo X?

The Toyota Aygo X is a crossover city car produced by Toyota since 2021. Using the Aygo nameplate, it is primarily marketed for the European market.

Is the Toyota Aygo the worlds smallest car?

Toyota developed the first two generations of its smallest car in Europe with the help of Peugeot and Citroën (now part of Stellantis ), but thats no longer the case with the new Aygo since its an all-Toyota effort.

What is the Aygo X city driving experience?

A new city driving experience is just around the corner. The countdown to the Aygo X launch has begun. Inspired by modern urban living with its raised body, large alloy wheels and high driving position, our bold, compact crossover brings the city up to your level.

How do you pronounce the Aygo X?

The X is pronounced Cross to define the vehicle as a crossover, similar to the Yaris Cross and the Corolla Cross. The Aygo X is marketed as a higher-end vehicle in the A-segment class. The Aygo X is built on the shortened version of the GA-B platform.

Is the Toyota Aygo X a good car?

The Toyota Aygo X is powered by a simple 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine which can be mated to a five-speed manual gearbox or a CVT automatic. The latter is best suited to town use, with the former being more fun to drive out of it. Unlike every other Toyota theres no hybrid power here: it simply couldnt be done without the price going up.

What is the Aygo X built on?

The Aygo X is built on the same TNGA GA-B platform that also underpins the Yaris and Yaris Cross too, so Toyota will move some of its other hatch production in with the jacked-up Aygo. Tell me more about the underpinnings… Interestingly for 2022, the X is launching as a pure ICE city car.

Does the Aygo X come with a warranty?

Full details of the Aygo X ownership package and terms and conditions will be communicated in early 2022. Does it come with a warranty? All Aygo X models come with up to 10 years’ Toyota Relax warranty cover.

What makes the Aygo a city car?

The Aygo is a city car pure and simple, albeit with 2022’s must-have accessory of crossover-ish styling. As a result, you sit higher (55mm to be precise) so urban traffic is easier to navigate. The view out is helped by the raked-back A-pillar, while the dashboard is dominated by the 9.0in touchscreen.

Does the Toyota Aygo X prove city cars still exist?

This is the Toyota Aygo X, and it’s here to prove that city cars do still exist – they just look a little bit different these days. Oh, and that X is actually pronounced “cross”, despite not being written out in full like on the back of the new Yaris Cross. Where have I seen it before?

What kind of platform does the Toyota Aygo X have?

Click here to sign up for regular updates on the all-new Toyota Aygo X. Built on the successful Toyota Global New Architecture (TNGA) GA-B platform, first introduced with the new Yaris – the current European Car of the Year 2021 – and more recently with Yaris Cross, the Aygo X is the latest compact model to join Toyota’s line-up.

What is the Aygo X prologue?

Starting with the Aygo X prologue concept car , which was developed at Toyota’s European Design and Development centre (ED 2) in the South of France, Toyota’s designers wanted to bring a sense of daring and spice to Europe’s compact car market.

Is the Aygo X the world’s most fuel-efficient car?

Yet, the Aygo X still has best-in-class emissions levels at only 107g/km CO2. We suspect the additional oomph needed to give the car more poke at times, means that figure is most probably higher and the real-world fuel economy will be lower.

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