Why doesn’t Sky own SkyBet?

Bonne Terre Limited, the company that own Skybet, are licensed by Sky to use the Sky trademark so they can operate the Sky Bet bookmakers. This just feels like an odd situation and we’d be much more comfortable if Sky owned and ran the site. At no point in any of their advertisements, on Sky TV, is it made clear that Sky don’t own SkyBet.

Is Sky Bet a good brand?

It’s a very good question. Sky actually sold Sky Bet to The Stars Group in 2018 and therefore retain zero ownership over the brand so whilst you think you’re getting the a brand with Sky’s long standing reputation you getting it’s name only. Why Are There So Many Negative Reviews Of Sky Bet?

How do I join SkyBet?

You can join Skybet on the app or the website in the following ways: Click on the Join button in the top right corner. When the Registration page has loaded enter in your details in the spaces provided. You can now select your payment method, although you don’t have to deposit at this time.

What is the SkyBet club?

The Skybet Club is the place to be if you want constant rewards for your gambling habits. Members of this loyalty club could snap up as much as £260 a year in free bets.

Is SkyBet really owned by Sky?

Although Skybet have all the correct licenses they need to operate, from the UK Gambling Commission and Alderney Gambling Control Commission, they aren’t actually owned by Sky and have a big question mark over their financials after sudden terminations with marketing partners who claim unpaid debts.

What is skysky bet?

Sky Bet is the sports betting division of Sky Betting & Gaming, with the majority of its operations run from Leeds.

Can you make a group bet on Sky Bet?

Sky Bet Group Betting. In 2018, Sky Bet unveiled a new tool to allow multiple players to create an accumulator bet. This is one of the first online options to offer accumulators between people who know each other. In the past, group bets have typically been made in person or through social media platforms.

What do you think about Sky Bet bookie?

Skybet is a dreadful betting firm if you want a regular place to bet. As soon as you start winning they make changes to your betting account to stop you from playing. Integrity is not a word they know. Uncompetitive with their pricing. I have registered with most of the big names online bookmakers and Sky Bet Bookie is certainly one of the worst.

How to get free bets on Sky Bet?

All you have to do is sign up for Sky Bet, bet £5 and you will receive £20 in free bets. The Sky Bet sign-up offer is one of the simplest on the market to claim, which you can do so by clicking below.

What promotions are available after signing up to Sky Bet?

There are still promotions available after you’ve taken the sign-up offer, and this includes being part of the Sky Bet Club every week. If you place £25 worth of bets each week, then you will be given a £5 free bet every Monday when logging into your account.

How many Sky Bet club rewards can I claim?

On opting in to Sky Bet Club, customers will be entitled to choose a reward. The maximum number of Sky Bet Club rewards a customer can claim is one per week during the Promotional Period. The reward chosen by the customer will be credited by 19:00 on Monday if the customer successfully qualifies for Sky Bet Club.

How do I keep track of my progress in Sky Bet club?

You can keep track of your progress on the Sky Bet Club Promotion Page (Select Sky Bet Club on the left hand side navigation bar on any page). See image below: The bar will fill up, outlining how much you have spent. You can also see your progress change once you have placed a bet, in your bet slip:

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