Ai weiwei rapture

ai weiwei rapture

Where to see Ai Weiwei’s Rapture in Portugal?

Portugal is now home to the AI Weiwei’s Rapture exhibition is open to visitors until November 28, 2021, at the Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon. Featured image by J A Neto. Edited by Ana Drula & Trinity Francis.

What happened to Ai Weiwei?

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei arrested in ongoing government crackdown. The Washington Post. Archived from the original on 17 April 2011. Retrieved 6 April 2011. ^ Branigan, Tania; Watts, Jonathan (3 April 2011). Ai Weiwei detained by Chinese police. The Guardian. London.

How did Ai Weiwei use fairytale as an act of subversion?

Fairytale was an act of social subversion, improving relationships between China and the West through interactions among participants and the citizens of Kassel. Ai Weiwei felt that he was able to make a positive influence on both participants of Fairytale and Kassel citizens. 2008, video, 1h 18m

What is according to what by Ai Weiwei about?

Ai Weiwei was able to help them financially and included this piece in his exhibition According to What?. The display consists of four walls which display pictures of Ye, her daughter and their miscellaneous belongings that they were able to pack in a hurry.

What was Ai Weiwei’s fairytale?

…of space later informed Ai’s Fairytale (2007), a conceptual project that involved transporting 1,001 ordinary Chinese citizens to Kassel, Germany, to explore the city for the duration of its Documenta art festival.

How did Ai Weiwei get his inspiration?

Biography of Ai Weiwei. Ai said his father, the poet Ai Qing, was his single greatest influence. When the artist was a year old, the family was sent to a labor camp, then to a rural village where Ai Qing was forced to clean communal toilets.

What is art for Ai Weiwei?

If my art has nothing to do with peoples pain and sorrow, what is art for? Ai Weiwei is the most famous Chinese artist living today. As an activist, he calls attention to human rights violations on an epic scale; as an artist, he expands the definition of art to include new forms of social engagement.

What makes Ai Weiwei’s “Ming and Qing dynasty” so special?

For his contribution, Ai Weiwei imported 1001 Ming and Qing dynasty chairs from China, some of which were 500 years old. Visitors were not expectedly simply to admire the chairs from a distance, but actually encouraged to use them. Just as a fairytale blends normality and fantasy, Ai brought together art and reality with his interactive display.

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