Where can I buy designer wallpapers online?

Wallpaperdirect is home to the widest range of designer brand wallpapers online – around 15,000 papers including the very latest new collections. Our design ideas inspire you with everything from classic interiors to the latest wallpaper trends.

Are wallpapering wallpapers back in style?

Decades ago, wallpapering your home became all the rage, then for a while during the 1980s and 90s, painting walls took over as the preferred choice of decoration. But now as we move into the 21 st century wallpapers are back with a series of funky designs, warm coloured murals and an outstandingly modern feel to wallpaper design.

Why choose wallpaper UK?

Designers who stand for true quality, and absolute luxury, with years of history and Royal approval to their name. Wallpaper UK is headed by a small family team. We seek to offer our customers the highest level of product knowledge and technical expertise to ensure that our client’s expectations are exceeded.

Are wallpapers a modern addition to your walls?

They are a modern addition to your walls in your home. Now with paste-the-wall application method, it has never been easier to apply wallpaper to your walls. A wide range of beautiful designer decorative wallpapers ranging from traditional and classic through to modern and contemporary. View our collection now.

Where can I buy wallpapers online?

F&P Interiors has one of the most extensive range of wallpapers available to buy online. They curate a collection of designer wallpapers from the premier design houses in the UK, Europe and USA, most especially for decerning homes owners and interiors designers.

What is the designer wallpaper collection?

They curate a collection of designer wallpapers from the premier design houses in the UK, Europe and USA, most especially for decerning homes owners and interiors designers.

How many different wallpapering designs are there?

More than 12,000 wallpaper designs including all the latest collections. We’ll inspire your interiors with wallpaper designs from Beaux-arts to Boho. Free wallpaper samples to try at home, easy-peasy wallpapering guides and our expert wallpaper calculator mean you’ll buy just what you need and decorate your walls perfectly.

What are the best wallpaper brands for kids’ rooms?

Wallshoppe has exclusive collections from Nathan Turner, Sugar Paper, Chris Benz, Carly Home, and Tea Collection. Tea Collection, in particular, is perfect for kids’ rooms, with a stunning range of fun, colorful prints and patterns. The Dumbo wallpaper showcased above is one of their removable wallpapers and is available in a variety of bold hues.

Why choose feature wall wallpaper?

Featuring wallpaper on a single wall adds character, charm and individuality — like an original painting would. Feature walls also give you a chance to go big and bold with your paper choice so your wall really projects that art-like vibe.

Is wallpaper right for your home design?

Whether for a full-wall, a partial-wall or an odd-shaped nook, wallpaper can create a distinct design feature in your home, as well as a pretty focal point in your space. Pro tip: In choosing which wall to feature, it’s helpful to stand back in your space and take note of your options.

What is wallpaper and why is it so popular?

It has notably emerged during the Renaissance period as an affordable alternative for tapestries, which were used by the rich classes back then to cover the stone walls, keep away the heat, and give color to their rooms. The earlier wallpaper featured scenes, rather than patterns, and its biggest two manufacturers were England and France.

What type of wallpaper should I Choose?

Lining wallpaper is your most basic type of wallpaper. Not having a printed pattern or design, this is not hung for decoration. Instead, people use lining paper on bare walls to cover small imperfections or hide previous colours before papering. Therefore, its well worth the money if you want the perfect base for your patterned wallpaper

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