What is the meaning of Paseo?

Definition of paseo. 1a : a leisurely usually evening stroll : promenade. b : a public walk or boulevard. 2 : a formal entrance march of bullfighters into an arena.

Where is the Paseo in Kansas City Missouri?

The Paseo (Kansas City, Missouri), a parkway in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. The Paseo (Pasadena), an outdoor mall in Pasadena, California, U.S. Paseo Arts District, a commercial shopping district in Oklahoma City, U.S.

What kind of car is a Toyota Paseo?

The Toyota Paseo (known as the Cynos in Japan and other regions) is a sports styled compact car sold from 1991–1999 and was loosely based on the Tercel.

What is the top speed of a Toyota Paseo?

The Paseo convertible was not sold in Britain. All UK models came with the 5E-FE engine producing 89 bhp (66 kW; 90 PS). The top speed, as claimed by Toyota, is 112 miles per hour (180 km/h).

What is Paseo in Spain?

1 (in Spain or Spanish-speaking parts of the southwestern US) a leisurely walk or stroll, especially one taken in the evening in which young people may socialize with each other. ‘Besides sitting still, the only other vital Madrid pastime is the paseo, the evening city stroll.’

What does the wordPaseomean?

paseo - a path set aside for walking; after the blizzard he shoveled the front walk. walkway, walk. ambulatory - a covered walkway (as in a cloister); it has an ambulatory and seven chapels.

What does Paso mean in Spanish?

History and Etymology for paso Spanish, literally, step, incident, from Latin passus step, pace Learn More About paso

What is the Paseo del Molino?

The Paseo del Molino is the best part of the town, where all the rich merchants reside in quintas, surrounded by pretty gardens. Sometimes in the Paseo, when enjoying the evening drive, these fair creatures indulge in strange contrasts of colors in dress.

When did the Toyota Paseo come out in Japan?

The Toyota Paseo (known as the Toyota Cynos (Japanese: トヨタ・サイノス, Toyota Sainosu) in Japan and other regions) is a sports -styled subcompact car sold from 1991 to 1999 by Toyota and was directly based on the Tercel. It was available as a coupé and in later models as a convertible.

Why didn’t the Toyota Paseo take off?

Toyota has produced many sports cars in its time. People assume the Paseo never took off because it had a lot of competition from other Toyota models, like the Celica and Supra. These models boasted bigger engines and more torque, which is what buyers of sports cars look for. But, the Paseo did not look too shabby under the hood.

What are the specs of a Toyota Paseo?

The specs of a Paseo were quite limited in comparison to other Toyota models and sports cars at the time. Its 1.5-liter inline-four engine maxed out 100 horsepower. It offered two transmission options, an automatic and a 5-speed manual. It drove smoothly yet with not yet power.

Is the Toyota Paseo a good sports car?

Although the Toyota Paseo sports car didnt offer much elegance to its customer, it did offer impressive reliability. I guess at the time of release, petrol-heads were after speed and not longevity. Since the first release, Toyota released two more generations of the Paseo. One in 1996, which offered more seamline exterior.


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