Louie zamperini

louie zamperini

Who is Louis Zamperini?

Louis Silvie Zamperini (26 January 1917 – 2 July 2014) was an American World War II veteran, a Christian evangelist and an Olympic distance runner, best known for being a Japanese prisoner of war survivor.

How long was Zamperini in captivity?

The captivity lasted for more than two years, during which time Zamperini was officially pronounced dead by the U.S. military. Zamperini was released only after the war ended in 1945, and he returned to the United States.

What happened to Mario Zamperini during WW2?

Zamperini graduated from USC in 1940, a year that would have been the speedster’s next shot at Olympic gold, but World War II intervened. With the outbreak of World War II, the 1940 Olympics were canceled, and Zamperini enlisted in the Army Air Corps.

Did Louis Zamperini have any siblings?

Louis Zamperini was born on January 26, 1917, in Olean, New York, to Anthony Zamperini and Louise Dossi, both native to Verona in northern Italy. He had an older brother named Pete and two younger sisters, Virginia and Sylvia.

What happened to Louis Zamperini in WW2?

Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who as an airman during World War II crashed into the Pacific, was listed as dead and then spent 47 days adrift in a life raft before being captured by the Japanese and enduring a harsh imprisonment, died on Wednesday in Los Angeles. He was 97.

What would Sylvia Zamperini say about her family during World War II?

That’s what Sylvia Zamperini would say about her family during World War II when confronted with the idea that her brother, Louis, had been killed.

Who was Giuseppe Zamperini?

A bombardier in the Army Air Corps, Zamperini was in a plane that went down, and when he arrived on shore in Japan 47 days later, he was taken as a prisoner of war and tortured for two years.

What happened to McNamara and Zamperini?

McNamara died on the 33rd day at sea, but, on day 47, Zamperini and Phillips were found and captured in the Marshall Islands, some 2,000 miles from the crash site, by the Japanese. They were taken as prisoners of war and were tortured in a string of camps until being freed at the end of the war. Zamperini went on to live a long life.

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