What is it like to work for Prada Group?

WORK WITH US. Working in the Prada Group means taking part of a world of talent, avant-garde and excellence. PERSPECTIVES ON PRADA GROUP. Prada Group is not just a major player in the luxury industry, but an experimental workshop of ideas.

What are the values of Prada?

The values of passion, quality and attention towards details have been the driving force of every activity and are echoed in its external relations. The quest for excellence, where human factor is a vital element, has inspired the choices and initiatives of the Prada Group.

How much do Prada shoes cost?

Prada Macro leather and nylon sneakers. $ 825. 1 Color. Brushed leather pointed loafers. $ 995. 2 Colors. Nylon fabric Derby shoes. $ 850. 2 Colors.

What kind of bags does Prada sell in the US?

Prada US Women Women Bags Bags All Bags Shop by Line Shoulder Bags Top Handles Hobo Bags Totes Mini Bags Backpacks Belt Bags Briefcases Highlights Cleo Re-Edition Galleria

What does it mean to work at Prada?

Career Paths are an individual’s journey towards self-expression. Working at the Prada Group means to develop and experiment one’s skills through the creative interaction between people and the fruitful contamination of ideas. Career Paths are an individual’s journey towards self-expression.

Is Prada a luxury fashion brand?

It is a luxury fashion brand that specializes in many products like travel accessories, handbags, shoes, perfumes, clothing, fashion accessories, watches, and so on. Prada is one of the fashionable and global brands in the luxury and fashion industry.

What makes the Prada Group unique?

The Prada Group sees the strength of its retail channel as strategic as well as its ability to offer of a unique experience that places the customer at the centre at every point of contact, both physical and digital, with its brands, along every stage of the customer journey. The Prada Group is synonymous with innovative tradition.

What is Prada’s marketing strategy?

The Prada Group is synonymous with innovative tradition. This principle guides our Marketing Team every day in the development of product strategies and visual identity projects that, while respecting the identity of the brands, respond to customer needs and interpret the latest market trends.

How much do Prada cloudbust sneakers cost?

1 Color. Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneakers. $ 1,050. Add to wish list. 1 Color. Prada Cloudbust sneakers Air sneakers. $ 1,050. Add to wish list. 2 Colors.

Where can I buy Prada shoes?

You can buy PRADA shoes from and other official retailers like , , etc. If you are interested in buying vintage or second hand PRADA shoes , the best choices for you are and The Real Real .

Where can I find insole measurements of a Prada shoe?

You could ask the customer service to tell you the insole measurements of a PRADA shoe in sizes 39 and 40 for example ! Well known retailers like , and many more have great customer services !

How much does a Prada dark blue bag cost?

Prada. Dark Blue Work Large Briefcase Bag. Regular Price: 289,000. Special Price. 212,950. (27% OFF) 0. Sizes IND: 5.

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