Seguranca social

seguranca social

What is a Segurança Social?

A Segurança Social é um sistema que pretende assegurar direitos básicos dos cidadãos e a igualdade de oportunidades.

How do I get a Segurança Social?

In order to get a Segurança Social, you will need a temporary or permanent residence permit, or to be a student. European Citizens can obtain their Segurança Social if they present their Certificate of European Resident (CRUE).

What does the Portuguese Social Security System cover?

If you’re living in Portugal, the Portuguese social security system covers several areas of welfare benefits. Learn more about Segurança Social. The Public Social Security System, provided by the state, comprises the Previdencial (Welfare), Solidariedade (Solidarity) and Protecção Familiar (Family Support) subsystems.

What is Social Security?

A Segurança Social é um sistema que pretende assegurar direitos básicos dos cidadãos e a igualdade de oportunidades.

What is the social insurance system for workers?

The social insurancesystem for workers is based on the principles of solidarity and personal responsibility. O Clinton reformou a segurança socialno último ano. Clinton reformed welfarein his final year.

How do I sign up for Social Security? When you start work for the first time, the dependent worker / trainee must be enrolled in Social Security, being obliged to inform Social Security institution of the workplace area, the start of activity or link the new employer.

Do you need a Social Security card to get a job?

What are the benefits of the Social Security in Portugal?

To enjoy the protection of the Social Security in Portugal is to be prepared for most risks. These are some of the benefits for cases of illness, maternity/paternity or retirement. Unemployment.

Who is covered by health insurance in Portugal?

All individuals registered for social security coverage are also covered for healthcare in Portugal.

How to obtain a Portuguese Social Security number?

Obtaining the Portuguese NISS requires to be in possession of a permit or temporary or permanent residence permit, worker or student. In fact, people in an irregular situation cannot benefit from the allocation of a Portuguese social security number.

What is the system of income support in Portugal?

There is no system of Income Support in Portugal. Self-employed people are recommended to take out private insurance. Those who have made sufficient social security payments in Portugal may be eligible for a Portuguese pension.

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