Lusiadas porto

lusiadas porto

What is Lusíadas Saúde?

Lusiadas Saúde is a group of reference within the health sector in Portugal and integrates the United Health Group, the largest health group in the world. Lusíadas Saúde was founded in 1998, and provides care beyond the field of medicine.

Why choose hospital Lusíadas Porto?

Certified by the National Civil Aviation Institute and in accordance with the JAR-FCL 3 – Flight Crew Licensing, Hospital Lusíadas Porto is the sole hospital in northern Portugal certified as a center specialized in aeronautical clinical medicine, permitting it to serve not only Portuguese pilots but also those coming from European Union countries.

Why Clínica Lusíadas Oriente?

In Lusíadas’ hands. Clínica Lusíadas Oriente’s strategy is rooted in Lusíadas Saúde’s values: Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation, and Performance, And rests on four pillars:

What is Lusi?

Já conhece a Lusi? A nova assistente digital permite-lhe gerir as suas consultas sem que tenha de esperar, através do Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger ou linha telefónica. Uma mudança de paradigma da Medicina Dentária com uma atitude mais preventiva e especializada. Deixe a sua saúde oral em Boas Mãos.

Why choose Lusiadas Saúde?

Lusíadas includes over 6.000 highly qualified professionals, latest generation technology and is characterized by innovation, rigor and excellence in the delivery of health care. At Lusiadas Saúde our mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.

Why choose hospital Lusíadas Porto?

Located in the heart of the Porto, Hospital Lusíadas Porto is a point of reference for private health care, possessing an experienced team of professionals in a wide variety of medical and surgical specialty areas.

Why choose Clínica Lusíadas Gaia?

As an outpatient center for Hospital Lusíadas Porto, Clínica Lusíadas Gaia provides the quality assurance of its medical teams in a comprehensive and personalized service offering, designed to care for you and yours. The Lusiadas flagship Hospital.

Where is Clínica Lusíadas Forum Algarve located?

Clínica Lusíadas Forum Algarve is located inside the Centro Comercial Forum Algarve shopping mall, and is open seven days a week, with extended hours. Hospital de Cascais provides maternal and infant care services to the residents of the Municipality of Cascais and the eight parishes of the Municipality of Sintra.

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