Dacia comercial

dacia comercial

What makes the Dacia Duster commercial so special?

When describing the trusty Dacia Duster the terms rugged and robust are often used. These adjectives perfectly describe the UKs most affordable 4x4 van, the Dacia Duster Commercial. Available in two-wheel or four-wheel drive, the Duster Commercial offers enhanced flexibility and capability compared to its passenger counterpart.

What does it mean when a Dacia commercial becomes a van?

Becoming a van means the Dacia Commercial has had its rear seats removed to allow as much cargo space as possible as well as ensuring the loading space is entirely flat with no loading lip from the tailgate. Front passengers are protected by a bulkhead with load stop, which essentially separates the load area.

Is the Dacia Duster a 4x4 or SUV?

Like other commercial 4x4s and car-derived vans, this Dacia Duster starts life as a passenger vehicle – in this instance, the Dacia Duster SUV.

What is the top speed of a Dacia Duster?

Top speed is 113mph for the 4x2 version and 108mph for the 4x4 version. All Dacia Duster Commercials except the 150hp petrol are fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox. Every standard model is front-wheel drive (FWD), with only the diesel also offered in four-wheel drive (4WD). What is the Duster Commercial like to drive?

Is the Dacia Duster still worth the money?

Yet, despite its obviously shortcomings, the Dacia Duster is still outstanding value and an attractive choice for those who need a small van with off-road capability. What does a Dacia Duster Commercial (2015) cost? Dacia Duster Commercial (2015): Whats It Like Inside?

What engine is in the Dacia Duster commercial?

Theres just one engine to choose from in the Dacia Duster Commercial, and its Renault s long-running 1.5 dCi diesel. This engine has been used in a wide variety of Renault, Dacia, Nissan and even Infiniti models, and here it makes 110hp with 260Nm of torque.

How much space does a Dacia Duster have?

Homologated as an N1 commercial version, the Duster Commercial has a flat load area which offers 1,623 litres of space and up to 503kg payload capacity. Power comes from a range of petrol and diesel engines, complete with the option of Dacia’s dual-clutch EDC automatic transmission.

When did the Duster commercial come out in the UK?

The Duster Commercial only launched into the UK market in 2021, and in October the same year Dacia had already announced a facelift (bringing it into line with the Duster passenger car range).

Should you buy a Dacia Duster?

With the Duster, though, there’s a feeling Dacia isnt pretending to be something it’s not. Like the Lada Niva, there’s a kind of honest appeal in un-wasteful utility. The Duster is a capable family 4x4 for the price of a three-door Mini. Literally.

Is the Ford Duster a 4X2 or 4x4?

For reference, the 4x2 version can manage up to nine miles more for every gallon of diesel you put in the tank. The Duster’s CO2 emissions suffer, too, with the 4x4 model sitting one Benefit-in-Kind tax band higher than the front-wheel drive car. Elsewhere, however, the Duster remains a tough and dependable SUV.

Why is the Renault Duster so popular?

The joy of the Duster is the way it seriously overdelivers on the underpromising price. Renault has been very disciplined in keeping Dacias costs down.

Does the Dacia Duster DCI have 4-wheel drive?

Be sure you need the added assurance of four-wheel drive before opting for this new 4x4-equipped Dacia Duster dCi. It’s more challenging to drive due to the short gearing, and it’ll cost more to buy and run than a 2WD model, too.

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