Peugeot expert

peugeot expert

Why choose a Peugeot Expert van?

The PEUGEOT Expert van has been designed to meet business needs, particularly by optimising the total cost of ownership. PEUGEOT has drawn on its expertise to develop cutting-edge design, quality finishing and durability on the PEUGEOT Expert, in order to maximise resale value.

Is the Peugeot Expert too similar to its siblings?

Badge-engineered vans like the Peugeot Expert are sometimes criticised for being too similar to their siblings – and in the Experts case, that sibling is the Citroën Dispatch. For the latest generation, however, the French firms have tried to give their vans more individuality, even though they still share the same underpinnings.

What kind of engine does the Peugeot Expert have?

The PEUGEOT Expert boast the modular and multi-energy EMP2* platform. Equipped with a 2.0 L BlueHDI engine, the Peugeot Expert showcases a strong combination of performance and fuel efficiency. *EMP2: Efficient Modular Platform. New generation platform from PSA Peugeot Citroën.

What is Peugeot BlueHDi 180 expert?

Peugeot refers to the vans as BlueHDi 100, BlueHDi 120, BlueHDi 150 and BlueHDi 180 as they increase in power, and all variants come fitted with engine stop-start technology to save fuel. The Expert is available in three length but with only one roof height.

Is the Peugeot Expert a good buy?

With attractive list prices and plenty of standard kit, the Peugeot Expert represents good value - especially to cash buyers. Anyone looking to fund their van by finance may find that more popular or premium rivals offer better prices per month, however, due to the way they hold their value better.

How does the Peugeot Expert compare to the Ford Transit?

Compared with the latest Ford Transit Custom and Volkswagen Transporter, the Peugeot Expert is a fairly basic van. All models come with a one-touch electric driver’s side window, as well as electric mirrors, but the cab interior is showing its age and has few of the storage solutions found in the Ford.

Whats new on the Peugeot Expert Panel Van?

A recent facelift has breathed new life into the Peugeot Expert van range, which has been on sale for a long time. The refresh updated the looks slightly and introduced improved engines, although the Expert panel van still comes in L1 short-wheelbase and L2 long-wheelbase guises, both with the H1 standard roof height.

Which Peugeot vans get the best gas mileage?

Peugeot Expert mpg Going by the claimed fuel economy figures, the Peugeot Expert is one of the most efficient medium vans available, with the 116hp 1.6-litre engine returning an official figure of 55.3mpg when it was launched in 2016.

How much power does a Peugeot Expert have?

The top-of-the-range 180hp option is one of the most powerful vans on the market. In order to meet new emissions requirements, Peugeot revised the Experts engine range from May 2019 production onwards. The 2.0-litre engines are fundamentally the same as before, with the same 120hp, 150hp and 180hp outputs.

What engine is in the Peugeot Citroen expert?

Whatever you’re using your Expert for, entry-level models feature the proven PSA Peugeot Citroen 1.6-litre HDi diesel engine, which delivers 90bhp. There are also 128bhp and 163bhp versions of the 2.0-litre HDi, with the latter only offered in the regular panel van.

What type of fuel is used in Peugeot Expert?

The Peugeot Expert is available in five variants, is classed as a VANS/CC 2.5-3.5t and is built in France. It uses Diesel fuel. The Peugeot Expert is sold with an engine size of 2.0L and with turbocharged four-cylinder.

What is the engine size of the 2022 Peugeot Expert?

The Peugeot Expert is sold with an engine size of 2.0L and with turbocharged four-cylinder. The Expert range is offered with a 5 year, 200,000km warranty. The 2022 Peugeot Expert will be offered in three basic trim levels, with a Premium pack and a limited-edition Sport model atop the base three specs.

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