Rui rio andre ventura

rui rio andre ventura

Who is André Ventura?

André Ventura was elected a member of the Assembly of the Republic for the Lisbon constituency in the 2019 Portuguese legislative election. He claims to be the voice of common people and an anti-system politician.

What does Empresário de Santarém Rui Sousa mean?

Empresário de Santarém Rui Sousa é o mandatário nacional da candidatura de André Ventura. Mais Ribatejo (in Portuguese). ^ André Ventura formaliza candidatura para enfrentar o regime e insiste numa segunda volta. Jornal Expresso (in Portuguese).

Why did André Ventura sign the Madrid Charter?

Ventura signed the Madrid Charter, a document drafted by the far-right Spanish party Vox that describes left-wing groups as enemies of Ibero-America involved in a criminal project that are under the umbrella of the Cuban regime. ^ André Ventura: Quis ser padre e escreveu romances.

What has André Ventura said about corruption in 2021?

A 27 de outubro de 2020, André Ventura aponta insuficiências ao Orçamento de Estado de 2021,lamentado que no documento haja apenas um artigo para o combate à corrupção. [ 49] Defendeu ainda alteração do artigo 373.º do Código Penal (CP), com o aumento da moldura penal aos condenados por corrupção — ativa e passiva.

What did André Ventura say about the Constitucional – Observador?

↑ «André Ventura pede suspensão de mandato como deputado e ameaça recorrer para o Constitucional – Observador». 29 de dezembro de 2020. Consultado em 29 de dezembro de 2020

What is André Ventura doing to the Gypsies of Portugal?

André Ventura has constantly attacked the gypsy community in Portugal and, on 16 November, in an interview with TVI, he even put it as a condition for enabling an extreme-right government to “resolve the issue of roma gypsies”.

What does Madrid Charter stand for?

The Madrid Charter: In Defense of Freedom and Democracy in the Iberosphere ( Spanish: Carta de Madrid: en defensa de la libertad y la democracia en la Iberosfera ), also known as the Letter from Madrid, was a manifesto created on 26 October 2020 by the Disenso Foundation think tank of the far-right [1] Spanish political party Vox.

Who signed the Madrid Charter?

The Madrid Charter was primarily signed by anti-communist, conservative, far-right, and right-libertarian politicians from the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula. [2] [3] [4]

Can Ventura shore up support for Portugal’s right wing?

Whether the right wing continues rising in Portugal with Ventura at the helm depends largely on whether the enigmatic leader can shore up support for his party. Presidential elections in Portugal often reflect approval of a candidate rather than of his or her party, which takes the forefront in parliamentary elections.

Is Ventura a far-right leader?

In terms of ideology, Chega embodies some hallmarks of 21st-century far-right groups: nativism, authoritarianism, and populism. Ventura sowed the seeds of his political career by targeting the Roma and demonizing the poor, touting the necessity for law and order, and adopting an anti-establishment stance.

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