Bmw ix3

bmw ix3

What is the range of the BMW iX3?

Thanks to the interplay of an efficient drivetrain concept, aerodynamic design, and a powerful high-voltage battery, the BMW iX3 reaches a range of up to 281 - 285 miles*. Innovative technologies, such as brake energy recovery, help to extend the range and reduce energy consumption to 3.3 mi/kWh.

Is the BMW iX3 battery electric?

The BMW iX3 is a battery electric compact luxury crossover SUV manufactured by BMW. It was presented at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show in April as the battery electric version of the BMW X3 (G01).

Is this the facelifted BMW iX3?

And yes it may be pretty new, but what you see here is actually the facelifted iX3. BMW announced a refresh of its looks in August 2021 – before any pre-facelift examples even reached the UK. Odd. In the end those pre-facelift cars were badged as Premier Edition and Premier Edition Pro. Nice work from the marketing department.

Where is the BMW iX3 made?

Thatll be most buyers of crossovers then, especially electric crossovers, and especially in China and the US. And China is where the iX3 is built. Not that you can tell – the build quality, materials and refinement are exactly what you get out of the Munich factory, or indeed the US factory where the normal X3 is made.

How far can a BMW iX3 go on a full charge?

BMW iX3 range BMW claims a range of 282 miles for all iX3 models – beating rivals like the above-mentioned EQC and e-tron, but falling just shy of the I-Pace. On a full charge, our iX3 test car showed a range of just 180 miles – but that was on a cold, wet, winter’s day; 220-230 miles is realistic in milder weather.

Is the BMW iX3 more energy efficient than its rivals?

The BMW iX3 not only matches its rivals when it comes to range and charging speed – in many cases it beats them. With a range of up to 286 miles, it beats the Mercedes EQC and Audi e-tron in official tests, and is only outdone by the Jaguar I-Pace. However, in our experience the BMW is the more efficient model in the real world.

What is the range of the Hyundai iX3?

On a full charge, our iX3 test car showed a range of just 180 miles – but that was on a cold, wet, winter’s day; 220-230 miles is realistic in milder weather. If you make the most of the car’s regenerative brakes and spend a lot of time in town, it could be better still.

What is the range of the all-electric BMW iX3?

BMW has released on its Facebook page a new image of the upcoming all-electric BMW iX3, presenting the Energy Flow screen in the infotainment, which shows a surprising range rating. The system estimates a range of 238 km (148 miles) at about 75% state-of-charge (SOC), according to the graphic with 15 battery bars full, and 5 discharged.

Is the 2021 BMW iX3 getting a facelift?

It is unusual for a facelift to come one year after the release of the previous model, but it seems BMW has something else in mind. The 2021 BMW iX3 is receiving a fresh look with a redesigned front and back-end.

Is the BMW iX3 the fastest model to get a refresh?

Introduced in July 2020, the BMW iX3, the pure electric variant of the third-gen BMW X3 G01, is a year old. However, shortly after its donor model, it has received a facelift to stay up-to-date cosmetically and technically, making this perhaps the fastest model in BMW’s history to get a refresh.

Does the BMW iX3 have a new LCI update?

The BMW iX3 is brand-spanking new, having debuted earlier this year. However, the iX3 will be getting its LCI update at the same time as the rest of the X3 model line, so there will only be a handful of pre-LCI iX3 models on the market. In these photos, we can really only see the front end close enough to notice any changes.

Is this the new BMW iX3 spied during testing?

The camouflaged vehicle was spied during testing in Sweden. The new iX3 may follow in the footsteps of the X3 M that was revealed a couple of years ago. The X3 production model had the same sparkling headlights when it was in testing as the iX3 has now in its prototype.

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