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What to do in Aveiro?

Aveiro is known in Portugal for its traditional sweets, Ovos Moles de Aveiro ( PGI ), trouxas de ovos, both made from eggs. Raivas are also typical biscuits of Aveiro. The municipal holiday is 12 May, the day of Joanna, Princess of Portugal (1452-1490). The University of Aveiro was created in 1973 and attracts thousands of students to the city.

What is the history of Aveiro in Portugal?

In 1774, by request of King José, Pope Clement XIV instituted the Diocese of Aveiro . In the 19th century, the Aveirense were active during the Liberal Wars, and it was José Estêvão Coelho de Magalhães, a parliamentary member who was determinant in resolving the problem of access along the Ria.

What is the weather like in Aveiro Portugal?

Aveiro has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The maritime influence causes a narrow temperature range resulting in summers averaging around 24 °C (75 °F) in daytime temperatures, considerably lower than inland areas on the same parallel on the Iberian Peninsula.

How to get from Aveiro to Lisbon?

The primary expressways and inter-regional thoroughfares include: A1 (between Porto and Lisbon); and the A25 (which links Viseu, Guarda and Vilar Formoso ). Intercity buses connect Aveiro with Porto and Lisbon several times a day.

What is the climate like in Aveiro?

The climate of Aveiro is temperate oceanic, with mild, rainy winters and pleasantly warm, sunny summers. The city is located on the coast of Portugal, 55 km (35 miles) south of Porto. Indeed, the climate is similar to that of Porto.

What is the weather like in Portugal in March?

Temperature hovers around 17°c and at night it feels like 9°c. In March, Aveiro gets 134.72mm of rain and approximately 15 rainy days in the month. Humidity is close to 75%.

How hot does it get in Portugal in the summer?

Sometimes, from mid-June to early September, heat waves can occur, usually of short duration, in which the temperature can reach 36/37 °C (97/99 °F). However, this happens less often than in south-central Portugal. The highest temperature is 39 °C (102 °F), recorded in July 1993.

What is the weather like in South Africa in the summer?

During the month of June, July, August, September and October you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F). The months of January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December have a high chance of precipitation.

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