Tivoli marina portimão

tivoli marina portimão

How far is Tivoli Marina Portimao from the resort?

Tivoli Marina Portimao is an 11-minute drive from the Alto Golf Country Club. Praia Grande Beach is less than one mile away. Free private parking is possible on site. There is a Tivoli Buggy service, that can drive guests to any part of the resort or even to Praia da Rocha beach.

What food & drink options are available at Tivoli Marina Portimao?

Tivoli Marina Portimao Hotel is within 3 km from the centre of Portimao. What food & drink options are available at Tivoli Marina Portimao Hotel? Guests of Tivoli Marina Portimao Hotel can dine at the a la carte restaurant, Deck. Are breakfasts free in Tivoli Marina Portimao Hotel? Yes, Tivoli Marina Portimao Hotel provides breakfast for free.

Why choose Portimão Marina in Portugal?

Portimão marina is a favourite among superyacht owners, capable of accommodating 620 yachts at a soaring 50 metres high. The marina has a handful of awards, thanks to being sparklingly clean with plenty of...

Where to eat in Portimão Algarve?

Tivoli Marina Portimão Algarve Hotel has the Deck Restaurant with light and delicious dishes, and two bars at your disposal to refresh your days by the pool and grab a light snack.

What to do in Portimão?

Get to know timeless streets, typical churches and museums in the city of Portimão, visit the surrounding villages and enjoy some shopping on craftsmanship shops and the sorrounding boutiques of the marina.

Why choose Marina de Portimão?

Located in the safest harbor of the country, at the arade river estuary, with over 25-hectares, Marina de Portimão is framed by the historical forts of Santa Catarina and São João, and affords excellent back-up facilities.

What is Portimao Portugal famous for?

Portimão (Portimao) Portugal - An Algarve Tourism Guide for 2021. Portimão is the largest city in the western Algarve, and was traditionally a centre for shipbuilding, sardine fishing and fish processing. Today, most of that industry has been replaced by tourism, leisure, and retail, leaving Portimão as a large and residential city.

Is there a beach in Portimão?

Although some travel guides do refer to Portimão as having beaches, this is in fact not true, and they are all located 3km south in Praia da Rocha. Generally speaking, most tourists seeking a beach holiday will choose Praia da Rocha over Portimão.

Where to go sailing in Portimão?

Portimão Marina is located on the western side of Portimão and offers not only a safe haven for sailors, but also a lively and fun spot to spend sunny summer days or to watch the waves in the winter.

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