What does FLI stand for?

The Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI), is the National Institute for Animal Health of Germany.

Where is FLI located?

FLI is headquartered in Kansas City. FLI provides freight management solutions for TMS, LTL, full truckload, international, parcel and specialized services. FLI is headquartered in Kansas City. Services View All LTL Truckload Services International Services TOTALVISION™ Small Parcel Special Services Resources About Us History Team Join The Team

Why choose FLI structures?

FLI Structures FLI has been designing and fabricating steel structures for over 70 years. With origins in telecoms, we have expanded into rail, highways and energy markets. We have in-house design, manufacturing, project management and installation teams and we produce steel structures to the highest standards.

Who is the CEO of FLI?

Stew is the Chief Executive Officer of FLI and as a retired F-14 pilot he is used to leading highly talented teams. Troy is the President of FLI and is responsible for daily operations of the company. He is an experienced entrepreneur and aerospace leader. Bissell is the Chief Financial Officer of Freedom Lift Innovations.

Why choose FLI structures for telecoms?

FLI Structures have a wide range of existing standard product designs for all sectors. This is particularly the case for Telecoms, where our 70 year history was augmented recently by our acquisition of Alan Dick Towers and Masts.

What does FLI do?

FLI work in quality critical environments like offshore and nuclear power station sites. When research on site would be costly because of the distance to site or difficulty of access, FLI carries out a remote inspection, which is an additional check to avoid on site issues. We also trial fit or erect all new designs at our facility.

Why choose FLI to install your screwpiles?

In addition to training, FLI has torque motors available to hire for installing our screw piles. These range from the small PD15 hand held motors all the way up to FLIs very powerful PD210. FLI is able to test screwpiles to ensure an installation has been carried out in accordance with the design.

Why choose FLI for Pile Testing?

FLI offer helical pile tension testing up to 150% of working load. Compression or lateral screw pile testing are also available. We are able to conduct tests in line with ICE specifications and can carry out maintained load, cyclic load and constant rate load tests. We carry out full Geotechnical Investigations.

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