Cinema batalha

cinema batalha

When was the Cinema Batalha in Rio de Janeiro built?

The Novo Salão High-Life building was demolished in 1944, and on the 30 September of that year, the property-owners ordered the construction of the Cinema Batalha, assigning these duties to the civil engineer Bernardino de Barros Machado. The building was built between 1944 and 1947, and inaugurated on 3 June 1947.

When was the first cinema built in Porto?

In 1913, the name of the cinema was definitely changed to the Cinema Batalha. The Coliseu do Porto was constructed in 1941, where the architects Cassiano Branco, Júlio de Brito and Mário Abreu.

What was the name of the movie about the Battle of Moscow?

A documentary film, Moscow Strikes Back, (Russian: Разгром немецких войск под Москвой, Rout of the German Troops near Moscow), was made during the battle and rapidly released in the Soviet Union. It was taken to America and shown at the Globe in New York in August 1942.

Where did they film the Battle of Moscow?

The filming of the open-door battle scenes took place in Czechoslovakia, but the urban combat was shot Moscow itself: buildings in the wrecked parts of the city were demolished with explosives to simulate bomber attacks. The film premiered in the Moscow Film Festival.

What was the Battle of Moscow?

Moscow The Battle of Moscow was a military campaign that consisted of two periods of strategically significant fighting on a 600 km (370 mi) sector of the Eastern Front during World War II. It took place between October 1941 and January 1942.

Is the Battle of Moscow based on a true story?

Unlike Liberation, Ozerovs most acclaimed work, Battle of Moscow was a purely historical film, with no fictional characters included in the plot. The actors selected to portray the main roles were mostly ones who already appeared as such in the directors earlier works, especially Mikhail Ulyanov who depicted Zhukov in all of Ozerovs films.

What are some good books about the war in Moscow?

Moscow 1941: A City and Its People at War. London: Profile Books Ltd., 2006. ISBN 1-86197-759-X. Collection of legislative acts related to State Awards of the USSR (1984), Moscow, ed. Izvestia. Belov, Pavel Alekseevich (1963). Za nami Moskva. Moscow: Voenizdat. Bergström, Christer (2007). Barbarossa – The Air Battle: July–December 1941.

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