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What is Como Como?

Como is a data-driven customer engagement & loyalty solution powering F&B and retail businesses to understand their customers and drive scalable revenue.

Is Como a CRM or an app?

See what they say! “Como is not only a CRM, an app provider, or a loyalty solution: it’s a complete, all-in-one customer engagement tool that will save your team hours every day and take your marketing strategy to the next level…definitely!

Why yes with Como sense?

“Welcome to the world of Yes with Como Sense because they will help you solve each of your problems or concerns when they arise. “The platform you’ve built has been an important part of our business, and especially now, has helped us remain viable when other small businesses around us are seriously hurting, or failing outright.

Is there a correct way to conjugate Comer and Cómo?

yeah, that would be confusing, and yes the question makes no sense whatsoever, but that aside, as long as you use correct pronunciation of the words, there should be no problem. Plus, the conjugation of the verb comer that is almost the same as the question word cómo is the yo form, so there should be no confusion anyway.

What is the capital of Como?

Como is a city and comune in Lombardy, Italy. It is the administrative capital of the Province of Como.

What is the history of Como?

The hills surrounding the current location of Como were inhabited, since at least the Bronze Age, by a Celtic tribe known as the Orobii. Remains of settlements are still present on the wood-covered hills to the southwest of town. Around the first century BC, the territory became subject to the Romans.

What is a CRM application? CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a set of tools to help you manage relationships with real and potential customers.

What is Como Como?

What is Como sense?

Como Sense allows us to collect diner information and communicate with guests directly from a handheld POS, and there’s no way we could have gotten to 20,000 members in 5 months without that ability to sign them up tableside.

What is the difference between that doesnt make sense and perfect sense?

A response of That makes perfect sense would be less neutral, and would probably indicate agreement with the answer. A response of That doesnt make sense would be less neutral, and would indicate that the student either disagrees with or doesnt fully grasp the answer. They may have followup questions.

How can comosense help your business?

Stay competitive and surprise your clients with ongoing product upgrades. The data that streams through your POS is powerful and packed with insights which you can use to grow your business. Let ComoSense analyze, enrich, and send back actionable data, so you can transform spreadsheets into field results.

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