Windguru sesimbra

windguru sesimbra

What is Sesimbra famous for?

Besides professional fishing and sport fishing (mainly of swordfish ), the most significant revenues in Sesimbra come from tourism. The town is known for its beaches, fish restaurants and nightlife. The original name of Celtic origin was Cempsibriga, meaning the high place (briga) of the Celtic tribe the Cempsi.

Can I access windguru for free?

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What to do in Sesimbra?

Panoramic view of Sesimbra, Portugal. A tourist travelling to Sesimbra can appreciate its beaches, traditional fish restaurants and the Arrábida National Park. Sesimbra is a popular diving location close to Lisbon and the most famous dive site is the wreck of the River Gurara, a Nigerian cargo ship, that sunk in 1989 with the loss of 45 sailors.

Why choose Sesimbra for twinning?

Sesimbra is a founding member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 24 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.

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What to do in Sesimbra Portugal?

Quick Overview of Sesimbra Activities. • Relax on the beautiful Praia da Califórnia beach and bath in its crystal-clear waters. • Hike up to the Castelo de Sesimbra, with it’s wonderful panoramic views of the town. • Eat a delicious meal of freshly caught fish and shellfish in a family run Marisqueira restaurant.

What makes Sesimbra a popular holiday destination?

The town is a popular holiday destination that offers outstanding beaches, excellent restaurants and a lively, social holiday atmosphere. Even being a bustling resort town, Sesimbra has retained its fishing heritage, with a busy fishing harbour and family run seafood restaurants, for which the town is renowned for.

What is Sesimbra Castle famous for?

Sesimbra Castle ‘s position was very important for the defence of Portugal and the castle was one of the first victories for the Christian conquest of Portugal over the Moors in 1165. The castle received repairs in the 1930’s. The castle stands 230 metres (755 feet) above the fishing village and has amazing views.

What are the beaches like in Sesimbra?

The beaches in Sesimbra are beautiful and are great for families and small children. The waters are clean and very calm. There are beaches within walking distance of Sesimbra such as California Beach (“Praia da Califórnia”).

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