Best things to do in lisbon

best things to do in lisbon

What to do in Lisbon Portugal for free?

25 Best Things to Do in Lisbon (Portugal): 1 1. Wonder at the Torre de Belém. Source: flickr Torre de Belém. 2 2. Ride Tram 28. 3 3. Get lost in the Alfama District. 4 4. Make a trip to Sintra. 5 5. Enjoy the azulejos in the National Tile Museum. More items

What is Lisbon famous for?

Like San Francisco in the United States, Lisbon is a city famed for its historic, rattling tram lines. None are more iconic than Tram 28 which has been working its way up the steep, cobbled roads and into the old Alfama district for decades.

Where are the best places to drink in Lisbon?

But at Park, drinks are available on the sixth floor, so you’ll be far from the actual cars. Phones at the ready – the view it has over Lisbon is one of the most instagrammables, as are the cocktails. Plus, there are usually DJs to liven things up.

What to do in Lisbon after LX factory?

After visiting LX Factory, head to Belém, one of the most touristy and most beautiful areas in Lisbon. There you can find the next places to visit from my list: the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), Belém National Palace, Hieronymites Monastery and the Tower of Belém.

What is the LX Factory in Lisbon? The LX Factory is a co-operative working venue that is inhabited by restaurants, bars, galleries, bookstores and various concept shops. It is situated right on the edge of the Tagus, halfway between the Cais do Sodre and Belem. DESIGN YOUR PRIVATE LISBON TOUR NOW »

What should you not miss in Lisbon Portugal?

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