Sapa sef

sapa sef

What is SEF in Portugal?

Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF) is the immigration and border service agency of Portugal. They are responsible for the documentation of aliens and foreigners in Portugal. SEF is also responsible for issuing residence permits and extending visas to foreign nationals in Portugal.

Whats new in Sapa?

The new Automatic Pre-scheduling System SAPA presents new functionalities allowing an interaction with SEF electronically, enabling a simpler and effective coordination.

How do I change the accreditation data for the Sapa portal?

If you wish to change the accreditation data (e-mail and password) to access the SAPA Portal, you should contact SEF Contact Centre [808 202 653 (landline network)], and book an appointment to any SEF bureau to Change Accreditation data to access the SAPA Portal.

What is SEF doing in Seixal?

Under a SEF ongoing investigation as well the compliance of seven judicial warrants, associated to the activity of an Evangelic Church based in Seixal municipality, for suspicion of assisting unlawful immigration.

How do I apply for APA accreditation?

To begin the APA accreditation process, your program must first register as an applicant in the CoA Portal. After submitting your registration, OPCA staff will review and approve it. Once approved, you will receive an email notifying you that you have access to the Self-Study tab of the CoA Portal.

Does the accreditation portal impact my portfolio?

*The Accreditation Portal does not impact portfolios. Continue to use the paper-based or electronic portfolio method that works for you. 2. Your Timeline is Now in Your Hands You now are able to advance through the accreditation process at a pace that is right for you.

How to purchase a certification subscription in SAP training profile?

Now you have successfully logged in to SAP Training Profile. It’s time for purchasing a Certification Subscription. Search CER006 and click subscribe CER006. Add it to the basket and proceed to the basket.

What is the cost of SAP HANA certification?

Now SAP has reduced its certification cost to 587 USD, it’s a Cloud-Based Certification that means its not cloud version of HANA, it’s a Cloud-Based Exam when you can write the exam from anywhere no need to visit SAP Certification Center and write the exam from there,

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