John deacon

john deacon

Who is Deacon John Deacon?

Deacon played his first show with Queen at the College of Estate Management in Kensington in June. On Queens first album (1973) he was credited as Deacon John, to make him sound more interesting.

Is this the last time John Deacon was with Queen?

The video was shot for the Queen fan club in 1994 and is thought to be the last ever time John was seen with the rest of the band, before leaving Queen in 1997 and losing all contact with Brian and Roger. Queens bassist can be seen sitting beside Brian May in the footage filmed in a recording studio in Chiswick, London.

What is John Deacons net worth?

These days Deacon still lives in Putney with his wife of forty-five years with whom hes raised six children. Even in retirement though, Deacons time with Queen continues to pay off. As the BBC noted, his net worth rose by £25m last year to £130m.

What happened to John Deacon after Freddie Mercury died?

Then, as we said, Freddie Mercury died and his death hit John Deacon the hardest, forcing him to leave Queen. Actually, he didnt just leave Queen. He retired from the music industry and public scrutiny entirely. He did not come to the bands induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and refrained from joining the tours with Adam Lambert.

What is the net worth of John Deacon 2022?

The net worth of John Deacon is £130 million as of 2022. His successful career in the music industry helped him amass a huge net worth. Being a member of one of the biggest bands in the world surely earned him a huge salary through royalties, merchandise sales, and global tours.

What is the net worth of former Queen bassist John Deacon?

As of July 2021, The net worth of the famous retired bassist is estimated to be $190 million. He made most of his money when he was active as a singer and songwriter of the band Queen. Deacon is also a professional engineer, and he has also gotten good cash from this. He owns a fleet of luxurious cars and a home in Southwest London.

Who is John Deacon and is he retired?

John Deacon is an English retired musician. Deacon is best known for being the bass guitarist for the rock band Queen. He composed several songs for the group – including Top 10 hits ‘You’re My Best Friend’, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’, and ‘I Want to Break Free’. In 1971, he joined Queen 1971 on the strength of his musical and electronic skills.

What is the meaning of John Deacon?

For other people named John Deacon, see John Deacon (disambiguation). John Richard Deacon (born 19 August 1951) is an English retired musician, best known for being the bassist for the rock band Queen.

John Deacon Of Queen. Picture: Getty He was a member of one of the worlds biggest bands, but John Deacon decided to quit the limelight. But why did Queen bassist John Deacon leave the group? Heres all the big facts about the quiet man of rock... Why did John Deacon leave Queen? John Deacon was upset by Freddie Mercury s death in 1991.

Did Queen end with Freddie Mercury?

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