Cinemas madeira shopping

cinemas madeira shopping

What to do in the Forum Madeira?

With 86 shops (among them Zara, H&M, C&A, Massimo Dutti, Saccoor and Women Secret), including restaurants, cafés and snack bars, 6 cinemas and a hypermarket, the Forum Madeira provides everything for a modern and extremely pleasant shopping experience. There are around 800 underground parking places available.

What is the best shopping mall in Madeira?

If its al fresco shopping and eateries you like then The “Forum Madeira” is the mall for you.

What is the Madeira micro International Film Festival?

With screenings held in the scenic village of Ponta do Sol, the Madeira Micro International Film Festival combines both nostalgia and modernity with nightly showings taking place in Madiera’s oldest cinema, the 80-year-old Art Deco Cinema Cine Sol and the very modern, John Dos Passos Cultural Centre.

What is the Madeira Island Open?

Competitors battle it out over a 2.5km open watercourse in the bay of Funchal, providing an entertaining spectator event. Madeira Island Open is one of two Portuguese golfing events on the official PGA European Tour for men.

What is Madeira like to visit?

The island of Madeira has natural landscapes can make you gasp, and what’s great is that they’re easy to discover on mountain roads or via historic irrigation channels known as “levadas”. You don’t have to venture into the mountains to enjoy the natural abundance as there are a host of botanical gardens with a crazy assortment of plants.

Why are there so many channels on Madeira?

Madeira Island’s topography means that most of the rain falls in the north and northwest, while the southeast can be dry. So beginning in the 1500s and taking cues from the Moors, dozens of channels were carved along winding upland routes to deliver water to drier areas.

What to pack for your Madeira trip?

Yes, the first thing you should pack are your trekking shoes as the island is a real paradise for hikers. It is famous especially for its levadas, i.e. small water channels built to transport water from the mountains and which currently serve as wonderful hiking trails. There are many levadas on Madeira with varying degrees of difficulty.

What is there to do in Madeira in April/May?

Plus, if you’re visiting Madeira in April/May, don’t miss the colourful and beautiful Flower Festival, and above all its main parade through the streets of Funchal. Be careful, some fruit stands are a tourist trap! This spring Flower Festival will delight you. Flower Parade is its main event There are many good restaurants in Madeira.

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