Why UCL?

Why UCL? In summer 2019 we welcomed students of over 50 nationalities, from over 250 universities around the world, making the UCL Summer School a truly international experience in the heart of one of the worlds most dynamic cities.

How long is a UCL term 2021-22?

On this page you can find out the UCL term dates and closures for 2021-22. Students on full-time Taught Masters programmes usually study for 45 weeks of the full calendar year and students are expected to study beyond the end of the third term to prepare their dissertation in time for submission in September.

When can I study at UCL?

Every year, UCL welcomes students from universities around the world to study for 3 or 6 weeks in July and August. With a wide range of undergraduate credit-bearing modules on offer from many of our renowned academic departments, you can choose the subject best suited to your academic or personal interests.

When does UCL issue conditional offers?

We may issue conditional offers based on future examination performance; unless otherwise stated, any conditions for these must be fulfilled by 7 September 2021 for applications made in the 2021 UCAS Cycle, and 31 August 2022 for applications made in the 2022 UCAS Cycle. Depending on the degree programme, UCL makes offers in the range A*A*A–ABB.

Why study at UCL?

UCL is amongst the best universities in the world. Academic excellence and disruptive thinking have been the status quo since 1826. UCL students are directly involved in research, equipping them for the future and inspiring a lifelong curiosity. We teach our students how to think, not what to think.

How does UCL rank in the world?

While how a university ranks should not be a huge influence on your choice, it was reassuring to me that UCL ranked so highly in the league tables for the country and even the world. UCL is 10th in the country overall and 15th in the world. 3. There’s a corpse in the cloisters.

Why do you want to go to University College London?

There are many things I took into account, but these are the main 5 reasons why I chose to go to University College London. 1. It’s in London! Coming from a small town in Kent so southeast that it’s practically in the English Channel, moving to the Big City was an exciting prospect.

How many UCL students come from outside the UK?

Around 41% of our students come from outside the UK, from more than 150 countries, and UCL has a friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere. We work hard to embed a global perspective in all our teaching.

What is the academic year like at UCL?

The UCL academic year begins in September and is divided into three terms. Most of the teaching takes place in the first (Autumn/Fall) and second (Spring) terms, with the third (Summer) term reserved for revision (review) and examinations. Most study abroad students apply for one term, although it is possible to apply for the full year.

Can international students study at UCL?

University College London Graduate Admissions UCL offers 500+ graduate degrees including courses like Advanced Biomedical Imaging, Advanced Materials Science, Astrophysics, Bio-Integrated Design, Chemical Research, etc. that are available for international applicants seeking to study in the UK.

What is the application deadline for UCL?

The application deadline for Autumn term falls in the month of March; for Spring and Summer term, the deadline falls in the month of September. UCL accepts applications via the online application portal of the University, i.e., UCL Apply Online system and through offline mode (paper-based) too.

Is UCL London a good University?

University College London has always been part of the list of top universities in the world. It is the largest and oldest college of the University of London, making it amongst the most sought-after campuses for both national and international students. UCL is famous amongst students who want to pursue a postgraduate degree abroad.

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