Bike zone

bike zone

How many bike routes are there in Como?

Find the right bike route for you through Como, where weve got 592 cycle routes to explore. The routes you most commonly find here are of the hilly or uphill type.

Can the Como be used as a mountain bike?

Heck, even a little off-road, since Como has the clearance to mount many mountain bike tires. Quit thinking about shifting and focus on the ride. The Como 5.0 comes with enviolo AUTOMATiQ stepless shifting technology, letting you set the pedal pace, and the bike will do the rest.

What is Como?

Como is a beautiful bike that makes you look and feel good. It comes off as relaxed, and thats intentional since this is a bike thats meant to casually get you around town, albeit with efficiency. Looks that Reflect the Ride. Como is a beautiful bike that makes you look and feel good.

Is the Como compatible with child bike seats?

The rear rack is MIK HD compatible for child bike seats and the Como is rated to pull a thru-axle trailer. E-bike or “wheeee” bike?

Yes, a mountain bike can be used in the city. The real question is how is the ride, and what can you do to make the ride better and safer. Is a mountain bike the best commuter bike? I can easily see how riding a mountain bike around in the city is far easier to get around than using a car.

How does a mountain bike compare to other forms of Transportation?

What does Como stand for?

COMO. COnfederation of Meningitis Organisations. Medical » Physiology. #N#. #N#Rate it: COMO. Consistently Overcoming Maintenance Obstacles. Miscellaneous » Working Groups. #N#.

What is Como Italy famous for?

About Como Its namesake lake is the major draw for aristocratic Como, where waterside gardens and palatial villas flourish in abundance. Long a playground for the wealthy, this city attracts a mix of tourists and Milanese fashionistas who plan trips across the lake region or to nearby Bellagio. Essential Como

Where is Lake Como?

Located on the Italian-Swiss border, the city of Como in Italy overlooks the southwest end of its lake and is surrounded by green ridge hills, resulting in unparalleled, natural scenery. The cool thing about Como is that you can really see and do a lot of things, whether you are visiting Lake Como for a day or staying longer.

What is Como sense and how does it work?

“Como Sense is integrated with our POS so we track customers’ rewards and purchases and know what our customers like… It’s providing us with all of the information we need to compete with the online giants.”. Jean Iennaco, Director of Operations. Over The Top Cake Supplies. WATCH THE VIDEO.

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