Ba manage my booking

ba manage my booking

How do I Manage my British Airways booking through a travel agent?

If you have booked through a travel agent and your booking contains at least one flight with a British Airways flight number, then simply use your travel agents booking reference to access the Manage My Booking service. You may not be able to view all of your flights in Manage My Booking.

Why cant I check in with BA manage my booking?

AFAIK the BA manage my booking only allows you to check-in online if the booking is made with BA. And even then only for BA coded flights. So if you book a BA flight through SN, you probably cannot access your booking or check-in.

What is manage my booking?

As a British Airways customer, Manage My Booking is a self-service online initiative designed to assist you by: Giving you reassurance about your booking by being able to view booking details 24 hours a day at any time up to when you travel for each flight. Eliminating the need for you...

How do I get Started with my bookings?

To get started, please provide your booking number, your last name and your email address.

Seat and meal request services, the Advance Passenger Information service, Online Check-in, if available, can only be used on flights with a British Airways flight number. If I made my booking with a travel agent, can I use Manage My Booking?

What is the manage my booking feature?

Manage My Booking feature enables PAL passengers with existing tickets to make flight adjustments such as purchasing travel extras, rescheduling, rerouting and update frequent flyer/contact information of previously booked/ ticketed PAL tickets on their own without the need to call the PAL hotline or visit PAL ticketing offices.

What can I do with my booking code?

Using your booking code you have access to all your flights. You can make an advance seat reservation, rebook or cancel a flight, request special meals and book a Rail&Fly ticket at any time. You can also book a hotel or a rental car directly, or even take out travel insurance.

Who is eligible to use the manage booking facility?

Passengers with tickets purchased through the PAL channels such as ticket office, contact center, travel agent, website, and mobile app are eligible to use the Manage Booking facility. What services can Manage Booking perform?

How to manage my booking in Philippine Airlines?

Open the internet browser and log on to Click the Manage My Booking tab in the homepage. Input the Booking Reference and Last Name of any of the passengers to retrieve the flight reservation. Click PROCEED. Who can use the Manage My Booking facility?

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