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smart view

What is Smart View and how to use it?

In Smart View, all tasks and resources are displayed in the selected format for all projects, even if you submit the Update Project Performance data process for a particular project or for all projects. Note: You can create a report using Smart View.

How to set up Samsung Smart View on Samsung Galaxy devices?

Download Samsung Smart View from the App Store, Google Play, or Samsung Galaxy Apps. Launch the app and follow the steps to set up Smart View.

How do I enable shared connections in the Smart View?

Click Panel in the Smart View tab to open the Smart View panel. Click Shared Connections in the Smart View panel. Sign in with the user name and password provided by your administrator. Click the Select Server to proceed drop down on the Smart View panel.

What is Oracle Hyperion Smart View?

Oracle Hyperion Smart View provides common Word, PowerPoint, and Excel interfaces designed specifically for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and Oracle Fusion General Ledger.

What is Samsung Smart View?

With Samsung Smart View, you can use your mobile to control your Smart TV. Double your entertainment by replacing your TV remote with your mobile and controlling all connected devices from one place using the SmartThings app. The power is in your hands - or your voice. Samsung Smart View also allows you to control your TV with your voice.

How do I use Smart View in Excel?

Working with Smart View in Excel In Excel, Smart View allows you to perform ad hoc queries on Narrative Reporting data and other EPM and BI data sources. You can easily embed data points from ad hoc queries into your report narratives in Narrative Reporting.

What is Oracle Smart View for office?

Using Oracle Smart View for Office, you can view, import, manipulate, distribute, and share data from various data sources using Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Was this page helpful?

How many options does it offer for Smart View?

It offers hundreds of options to help pull, analyze, and report data. Several common questions come up when dealing with Smart View so the following is a list of tricks and tips to help you make the most of your Smart View experience.

Can I use smart view to create a shared connection experience?

Take a look at the following from the Smart View documentation: I used this solution and applied it to the cloud to create a friendly Shared Connection experience. Here is an example of the syntax for what you just saw with edited domain names. I then saved it as an XML file and defined a path to it in Smart View.

Where can I find information on connection types in Smart View?

For information on connection types, see Shared Connections and Private Connections in Oracle Smart View for Office Users Guide . Verify that the connection URL syntax and the credentials being used are accurate.

Why does Oracle Smart View not connect to a data source?

Smart View Does not Connect to a Data Source Oracle Smart View for Office fails to establish a connection with a data source primarily because of errors in the shared or private connection URL that is being used. For information on connection types, see Shared Connections and Private Connections in Oracle Smart View for Office Users Guide.

What is the difference between Smart View and Smart View on-prem?

With the shift to the cloud, one of the major differences with Smart View is the shared connection url. When it was on-prem it was pointed to my production workspace servers and all of the environments connections were available to me as a shared connection.

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