Royal enfield

royal enfield

What is the problem with Royal Enfield?

The problem with Royal Enfield is that they compromised the quality of their parts in the growing and competitive market which annoyed the new customers so hard that the hatred went viral. Even the smallest mistake backfired on them irrespective of the fact that the problem could have been from the customer and not from them.

Which Royal Enfield is right for You?

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is available in the manual transmission with 5 speed. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is available in Six COLORS options.Overall the built quality of Royal Enfield Himalayan is good. The Competitors of Royal Enfield Himalayan are Jawa Forty Two And Royal Enfield Classic 350 .Watch the video (link) for more doubts to be clear.

Do I need to service my Royal Enfield res?

In a nutshell if the only maintenance you want to do on your motorcycle is to fill petrol, regular dusting with a cloth & service it twice a year at 6 month or 6k kms, then RE’s aren’t for you. To ensure trouble free maintenance of your Royal Enfield (any model), you need to resort to basics of motorcycle maintenance -

Can Royal Enfield come out of its old time trauma?

Unfortunately, Royal Enfield, Madras hasnt been able able to come out of its old time trauma. Just converting a cast iron engine (which was better) into an aluminium engine doesnt change the fact that it needs a 20th century technological makeover, not only colour variants.

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