Vera ritta sampaio

vera ritta sampaio

Who is Vera Sampaio married to?

She is married to Jorge Sampaio. They have two children. Daughter of José António Ritta and Maria José Rodrigues Xavier. Sister of Maria Ermelinda and José António. Mother of Vera Sampaio (b. 1977) and André Sampaio (b. 1981). She was the First Lady of Portugal.

What did Sampaio do after the Revolution?

After the Revolution, in May 1974, Sampaio co-founded the Movement of Socialist Left (Movimento de Esquerda Socialista (MES)) but abandoned the political project soon after when, in the first MES congress in December, he strongly opposed its Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Who is Maria José Ritta?

Maria José Ritta was born on December 19, 1941 in Lisbon, Portugal as Maria José Rodrigues Ritta. She is known for her work on Telejornal (1959), 24 Horas (1985) and Último Jornal (1992).

Who is Pedro Sampaio?

Also in 1989, Sampaio was elected the 62nd Mayor of Lisbon with a coalition with the CDU after winning 49.1% of the votes against the PSD candidate Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

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