Ementa feup

ementa feup

What is FEUP?

FEUP is an institution that doesn’t focus only on teaching, but also research, politics, philosophy, arts and culture. It resembles a temple of knowledge. FEUP is indeed a universe yet to be explored by students.

How do I login to my FEUP account?

If you are already a student at FEUP, you will have to log in using your student’s username and password. If you are not a student at FEUP, you will be asked to complete a user registration form. The credentials (username and password) will be sent to the email address you specify on that form.

Why choose FEUP Porto?

In addition, FEUP’s modern building complex, inaugurated in 2000, at Polo II (Asprela) of the University of Porto, has become an important “incubator” for innovation and knowledge, fuelled by the impressive work done by the research centres that it hosts and their proximity to the business and social milieu.

How do I request the declaration of my FEUP application?

The declaration must be request by sending an e-mail to acesso.ingresso@fe.up.pt after the deadlines for posting of the results indicated for each application phase. This procedure will be available through a link on the homepage of FEUP at the beginning of the enrolment period.

What is FEUP doing on the Internet?

Its presence on the internet seeks to reflect the many realities existing at the heart of FEUP, and to provide essential information to maintain the internal and external links and to deepen relationships, increasing the efficiency and efficacy of our procedure in Education, Research and Innovation.

What is feupy?

Feupy is a Python library that provides an interface to FEUP s information system, SIGARRA. SIGARRA stands for S istema de I nformação para G estão A gregada dos R ecursos e dos R egistos A cadémicos (Academic Register and Aggregated Resource Management Information System, give or take).

Why study DS @ FEUP?

Why Study DS @ FEUP? The objective of the masters degree in Data Science and Engineering (MDSE) is to promote the excellence of qualification in nuclear and advanced aspects of Data Science (DS), from its theoretical foundations to the integration of computer technologies in organizations.

Why choose FEUP Porto?

We depend on everyone at FEUP, at the University of Porto, and on our partners to offer better service, to generate new knowledge and to have an economic and social impact.

Why Porto is the best city in Europe?

Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe and Portugal one of the oldest countries in the world. This is why Porto is a gem of a city characterizing the spirit of the Portuguese people. Nabila Asad, alumni of the Master in Services Engineering and Managment, wrote on her blog 9 Reasons Why You Should Pack Your Stuffs and Go to Porto. Now! .

Why study at FEUP?

FEUP is currently one of Portugal’s oldest and most prestigious teaching and research institutions in engineering and related fields, a reputation that is justified by the wide range of high quality training that FEUP offers in all its degrees.

Why visit Porto for the first time?

Anyone visiting Porto for the first time immediately feels the distinctive pulse of a city that is not only the capital of the northern region of the country, but also the main trading centre of the whole North Iberian Peninsula.

What to do in Porto?

Optimus Primavera Sound in June and Noites Ritual Rock in August, are two examples of major festivals held in Porto. In addition, the Coliseu do Porto, Teatro Sá da Bandeira and Teatro Passos Manuel are superb venues for musical or theatrical performances.

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