Bowling figueira da foz

bowling figueira da foz

What does Figueira da Foz mean?

Figueira da Foz ( Portuguese pronunciation: [fiˈɣɐjɾɐ ðɐ ˈfɔʃ] (listen) ), also known as Figueira for short, is a city and a municipality in the Coimbra District, in Portugal. Practically at the midpoint of the Iberian Peninsula s Atlantic coast, it is located at the mouth of the Mondego River, 40 km west of Coimbra,...

What to do in Figueira da Foz?

On the coast not far from Coimbra, Figueira da Foz is a resort city with a casino, bars restaurants and an enormous urban beach. It’s a destination for doing as little as possible by day and dining and partying by night.

Where is Figueira?

Figueira is about 40 kilometers west of Coimbra by the Atlantic Ocean and less than 200 kilometers to the north of Lisbon, on the mouth of the Mondego River and at the foothills of the Serra da Boa Viagem (mountain).

Is there any surfing in figeira da Foz?

Somehow Figeira da Foz has stayed off the map as a surfing destination, overshadowed by places like Peniche. But this city holds its own against the best and has a growing community, with a surf camp and various shops and schools. There’s surfing at Praia da Claridade, Cabedelo and Murtinheira.

What is the population of Figueira da Foz?

The city of Figueira da Foz proper has a population of 46,600. It is the second largest city in the district of Coimbra. It is a coastal city with several beaches, summer and seaport facilities on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

What does Figueira mean?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Figueira is a village near Portimão in the Algarve in Portugal. In the English-speaking world its main claim to fame is the disappearance there, on 12 September 2004, of a local girl, eight-year-old Joana Cipriano, and the subsequent conviction of her mother and uncle for murder.

What is the difference between Figueira da Foz and Mondego?

Foz comes from the Latin word fouces = mouth of a river, and Mondego comes from the pre-romanic expressions mond = mouth and aec= river. That means, Figueira da Foz would be the river’s mouth opening.

What makes Figueira da Foz so special?

Figueira da Foz’s superb history, art and archaeology museum was founded in the 1890s by the prominent archaeologist António dos Santos Rocha. It moved around a few times before arriving at its modern purpose-built home in 1976.

Where is Figueira da Foz located?

The municipality of Figueira da Foz is served by the ancient University of Coimbra and the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra located 40 kilometers to the east of the city, in the district capital Coimbra. Administratively, the municipality is divided into 14 civil parishes ( freguesias ):

What is the meaning of the name Figueira?

Figueira may refer to: Figueira da Foz, a city and municipality in the district of Coimbra Gilberto Figueira, nicknamed Uaué, (born 1988), an Angolan handball player Nayara Figueira (born 9 June 1988), a Brazilian synchronized swimmer.

What to do in Figueira?

It is a coastal city with several beaches, summer and seaport facilities on the Atlantic Ocean coast. As a tourism city, it plays an important part in the centre of the country. A zone of legal gambling, one can find in Figueira one of the biggest casinos of the Iberian Peninsula – the Casino Figueira.

What is the weather like in Figueira da Foz?

Figueira da Foz has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate ( Köppen: Csb) characterized by mild, rainy winters and dry, warm summers. The annual average temperature is around 15 °C (59 °F) and the annual average rainfall is about 600 mm (24 in).

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