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budget air

What do you need to know about BudgetAir?

What you need to know about BudgetAir. At BudgetAir we work hard to offer you our best deals. We help you find cheap domestic and international flights. We compare more than 800 airlines reaching 9.000 destinations worldwide. Moreover we offer hotel reservation and car rental service to make your travel journey complete.

Where can I fly from BudgetAir?

BudgetAir searches among 800+ airlines that fly to more than 9000 destinations worldwide, from holiday hotspots such as Ibiza and Tenerifeto anywhere in the world and to city breaks like Las Vegas and Brussels. For long haul, you can buy cheap flights from BudgetAir to exotic places such as Kuala Lumpur or Manila in the Philippines.

Is it safe to book with BudgetAir?

We keep it easy and booking process is 100% safe and secure on BudgetAir.co.uk. There is no need to trawl into town to a travel agent, just log onto the BudgetAir website at any time of day or night and within a few minutes, you could be booking your dream holiday or a weekend away.

Are they legit? I was about to book a flight through BudgetAir.com before I decided to look up some reviews. The majority of them are negative. I understand, however, that things happens that delay or cancel flights, people have a bad experience, get very upset when they dont get their way, and these are the people who write these reviews.

When is the best time to book Cheap Flights?

There could be cheap deals for flights at any time! A good tip is to search for flights on Tuesday, and to book flights that fly on Wednesday. It’s usually better to buy your tickets 4-5 months in advance. In a mood to steal a deal? Check out our promotion page with exclusive deals from airlines and active vouchers codes.

Do Airlines compensate for travel expenses other than the flight itself?

Unfortunately it is rare for airlines to compensate for anything other than the flight itself. We recommend that you also check any travel insurance you may have. I Want to Give My Views about My Travel after Coming Home; What Do I Do?

Is BudgetAir com reliable?

Originally Answered: Is budgetair.com reliable? The quoted airfares dont exist.You will waste an awful amount of time and they will bait and switch you to much more expensive options. I have just wasted many hours trying to book online and then contacting the call-center. Eventually I made the booking on Orbitz.com.

What do consumers complain about about BudgetAir?

Consumers complaining about BudgetAir.com most frequently mention customer service, credit card and phone number problems. BudgetAir.com ranks 113th among Travel Search Engine sites. How would you rate BudgetAir.com?

Is it safe to book with Momondo/BudgetAir?

Never use Momondo/BudgetAir for your booking! They can forward your search to any third-party booking sites like BudgetAir.CA and get poor end-user support and higher price. On my recent booking, the cost went up over 300 CAD from the invoice amount due to Budget Air used USD for the conversion.

Is there any hidden cost of booking through budget airlines?

As there are several such hidden costs compared to direct booking with any airline, and the booking vendor like BudgetAir never takes any responsibility for additional fees. I hope It helps.

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