What does how CGA stand for?

The aim of the Hospital Wide Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (HoW CGA) project was to inform NHS managers, clinicians, patients and the public about how best to organise hospital services for frail older people. There is considerable evidence on how to assess and co-ordinate care for frail older patients with complex needs...

What is the difference between CGA and EGA graphics cards?

The CGA card was succeeded in the consumer space by IBMs Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) card, which supports most of CGAs modes and adds an additional resolution (640×350) as well as a software-selectable palette of 16 colors out of 64 in both text and graphics modes.

What is video timing on the CGA?

Video timing on the CGA is provided by the Motorola 6845 video controller. This integrated circuit was originally designed only for character-based alphanumeric (text) displays and can address a maximum of 128 character rows.

What is the color gamut of CGA?

Note the use of dithering to simulate gray tones and non-square pixel ratio that deforms the fonts. CGA uses a 16-color gamut, but not all colors are available at all times, depending on which graphics mode is being used.

Ega vs Vga - Whats the difference? Ega is a initialism of vga. (computer graphics) Enhanced Graphics Adapter, an obsolete computer display standard between CGA and VGA, offering sixteen colours on screen from a palette of sixty-four.

What does EGA stand for?

What are the different VGA timings?

All derived VGA timings (i.e. those which use the master 25.175 and 28.322 MHz crystals and, to a lesser extent, the nominal 31.469 kHz line rate) can be varied by software that bypasses the VGA firmware interface and communicates directly with the VGA hardware, as many MS-DOS based games did.

What is the resolution of the graphic mode of CGA?

CGA offers graphics modes in two resolutions: 320×200 pixels, as with the 40×25 text mode. In the graphics mode, however, each pixel can be addressed independently. The tradeoff is that only four colors can be displayed at a time. Also, only one of the four colors can be freely chosen from the 16 CGA colors.

Can CGA be used with a TV?

IBM intended that CGA be compatible with a home television set. The 40×25 text and 320×200 graphics modes are usable with a television, and the 80×25 text and 640×200 graphics modes are intended for a monitor. Cga p0.png CGA 320×200 in 4 colors palette 0 (red, yellow, green, black background)

What are the different video modes offered by CGCA?

CGA offered several video modes. 160×100 in 16 colors, chosen from a 16-color palette, utilizing a specific configuration of the 80x25 text mode. 320×200 in 4 colors, chosen from 3 fixed palettes, with high- and low-intensity variants, with color 1 chosen from a 16-color palette. 640×200 in 2 colors, one black, one chosen from a 16-color palette.

What is Color Gamut? Color gamut is defined as the range of colors which a particular device can produce or record. It is usually shown by an enclosed area of the primary colors of the device on the chromaticity diagram. For example, the primary colors of monitors are red, green, and blue.

How many different colors are there in CGA?

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