Gtr 3 pro

gtr 3 pro

What is the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro?

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a reliable, versatile and advanced lifestyle partner that is there for you whether you’re going to work, the gym or out with friends. If you’re packing for a business trip, save space in your case and leave the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro’s charger at home without worrying about the battery running out.

What is the difference between the GTR 2 and GTR 3 Pro?

The 1.45” display is an AMOLED with a higher refresh rate than before – the 2nd generation watches ran at 30Hz, while the GTR 3 Pro display goes above 50Hz (though we don’t have an exact number).

How to listen to music on the GTR 3 Pro?

The GTR 3 Pro has 2.3 GB of available storage on board. From the phone app you can transfer audio files to listen to – songs, but also podcasts and audiobooks. We think the latter two are a better option, since the process is manual. There is no way to sync your weekly Spotify playlist or anything similar, not unless you do it by hand.

How long does the GTR 3 Pro battery last?

The GTR 3 Pro can last several days longer than those two. It’s certainly not a battery champ as the vanilla GTR 3 promises to last a more than week longer. But for some the better screen, the hands-free calling and music storage are worth the extra cost of the Pro model ($50/€50).

What does the Amazfit GTR 3 pro monitor?

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro can monitor your heart rate all day – even while swimming. With alerts for abnormally high or low heart rates, as well as tracking heart rate zones so you can optimize your workouts, the watch is a comprehensive and easy-to-use health partner for everyone.

What does the GTR 3 pro Measure?

In a 45-second reading, the GTR 3 Pro will tell you stress score, heart rate, SpO2 level and respiration rate. I think more of the best fitness trackers should offer this all-in-one option for gathering health data. Most of these metrics can be measured individually, too.

Can I make my own watch faces for the GTR 3 Pro?

The GTR 3 Pro is compatible with a web-based app developer kit for users to design their own watch faces and apps, which can be uploaded for sharing. As convenient as touchscreens are, sometimes you need to move through the watch without your fingers blocking the screen or sliding across it after youve worked up a sweat.

Does the GTR 3 Pro work with iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Even Fitbit smartwatches can only transfer calls to Android phones, but the GTR 3 Pro easily pulled incoming calls from my iPhone 13 Pro Max. You don’t see many smartwatches that play nice equally with both major smartphone softwares.

How to listen to music on the GTR watch?

With the Bluetooth connected, the GTR watch can suspend or play the music on the mobile music player, switch between songs, and adjust the volume. Step 1 :Open the mobile music player first, and then enable the music function on the watch. Step 2 :If you are using an iOS device, you need to pair and connect the watch with the Amazfit App.

How do I add songs to my Amazfit GTR 3 Pro?

Add songs: Open the Zepp app and go to Profile > Amazfit GTR 3 Pro > App settings > Music. On the Music page, select .mp3 music files to transfer from your phone to the watch. After completing the transfer, you can play music on the watch.

How to set up Bluetooth calling on Amazfit GTR 3 Pro?

Bluetooth calling setup methods: Method one: Start the Zepp app, go to Profile > Amazfit GTR 3 Pro > App settings > Phone, enable Bluetooth call, and pair the watch and your phone via Bluetooth as instructed. Method two: On the watch and your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth to pair the watch with your phone: 1.

How do I Find my GTR 3 Pro watch?

Find the watch Keep the watch connected to your phone, open the Zepp app, go to Profile > Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, and tap Find Watch, then your watch will vibrate and ring. Watch face Watch face compilations Some watch faces support compilations.

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