Why choose the Algarve for your holiday?

- Best beach - For families - Day trips The Algarve is the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal. It is a region blessed with glorious sandy beaches, picturesque fishing towns and a glorious climate, all of which combine to create the perfect holiday destination.

What does Algarve mean?

The Algarve ( UK: / ælˈɡɑːrv, ˈælɡ -/, US: / ɑːlˈɡɑːrvə, ælˈ -/, Portuguese: [alˈɡaɾvɨ] ( listen)) is the southernmost region of continental Portugal. It has an area of 4,997 km 2 (1,929 sq mi) with 451,006 permanent inhabitants, and incorporates 16 municipalities.

What to do in the Algarve?

You can use footpaths and cycle trails to get to know the region, such as the Algarve Way inland or the Vicentine Route along one of the best preserved coastal stretches. And boat rides are another ecological way to observe the flora and fauna. At the table, you will be delighted with the fresh fish and seafood, either grilled or in a casserole.

What is the coast of Algarve called?

Algarves typical coast (Marinha Beach, near Lagoa). The Algarve (English: /ɑːlˈɡɑːrvə/; Portuguese: [aɫˈɡaɾvɨ]) is the southernmost region of continental Portugal.

Why choose the Algarve for your family holiday?

The excellent accommodation (like the Martinhal Resort) plays to that, rather than dominating it. Whichever part of the Algarve you choose, you will find friendly, welcoming people, delicious food, and plenty of sand and sun to entertain the children. Here’s why we love the Algarve:

What makes the Algarve so special?

Much more than golden beaches and azure waters, the Algarve is a nuanced destination packed with history, culture and an infectious lust for life. The southernmost region of Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country – but there’s more to the Algarve than buzzing resort towns and world-class golf courses.

What to do in the Algarve?

Like all of Portugal, the Algarve is sprinkled with beautiful castle ruins, museums, and stunning cathedrals. A couple of the most popular include the reddish Silves Castle and the Sé Cathedral in Faro. Silves, in general, is a charming town with many historical landmarks that visitors can explore over the course of a day.

Is the Algarve the cheapest European holiday destination?

In fact, in its 2017 Holiday Money Report, the Post Office Travel Money declared The Algarve the cheapest of 44 European destinations. Families can find particular savings in the shoulder seasons, at October half term, for example, when family hotels still have great sports and kids’ clubs, but at lower prices than in the summer months.

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