What can we learn from the death of Rayan?

He unified the humanity and then left. In moments of joy and sadness,he showed us that regardless of our creed or ethnicity,we will stand together. RIP #Rayan. Our thoughts &prayers R with his loved ones (family,Morocco,the world). U may be gone but U will never be forgotten #ريان pic.twitter.com/pfM6TQ3mPL.

What happened to Rayan Oram?

Jubilation at the news that Rayan Oram had finally been freed on Saturday evening soon gave way to sorrow when his death was confirmed by local authorities at about 10pm local time (21:00 GMT).

Why is ‘save Rayan’ trending on Twitter?

On Twitter, where the hashtag #SaveRayan and its Arabic translation had been trending throughout the Arab world, users left messages of condolence for the boy’s family as well as praise for the rescuers.

What did Sheikh Mohammed say about the death of child Rayan?

“Our sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of the child Rayan and to the brotherly Moroccan nation and to all humanity that grieved for his loss,” Sheikh Mohammed said on Twitter.

What does Rayan’s death mean for Morocco?

Beyond the dramatic symbolism of being stuck down a well, of being stuck in a dark tunnel, Rayan’s death highlights the structural problems that face Morocco’s leaders.

What happened to Rayan Oram?

Five-year-old Rayan Oram’s death in a dry well not only united a nation in mourning, but also shed light on the ongoing struggles of the Rif region.

Is Rayan an image of Arab solidarity?

“Rayan is not an image of Arab solidarity,” Moroccan novelist Abdellah Taïa told me. “For me, it’s a story about how we keep again and again abandoning the people in the Arab world. It’s too easy to be in solidarity with a young boy about to die.

Why did the Casablanca tragedy draw so much attention?

It is hard to understand why this particular tragedy drew so much attention, but one can say with certainty that it has all the compelling elements to finally put the world’s attention on the harsh reality for people in the most disadvantaged parts of Morocco.

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