Costa nova aveiro

costa nova aveiro

How to get from Aveiro to Costa Nova?

The best way to get from Aveiro to Costa Nova without a car is to line 5951 bus which takes 38 min and costs €2 - €4.

Where is Costa Nova in Portugal?

It is in the central region of Portugal situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Aveiro Lagoon. Costa Nova is very close to Aveiro, discover the city of canals, sweets and beauty with our guide. Costa Nova has a Mediterranean climate. Hence, the summers are usually very warm and dry, while the winter is rainy and cold.

Where is Ria de Aveiro?

Ria de Aveiro is a shallow coastal lagoon that stretches 45 km along the western coast of Portugal from Ovar to Mira. It is a natural habitat for a wide variety of fish, especially the seaweed.

How long does it take to walk from Costa Nova to Barra?

The walk from Costa Nova to Barra is about 4 kilometers long, so you can expect to spend around 1 hour on this trail. If you go on this boardwalk, then make sure to do it like us and walk in the direction towards Barra because then you constantly have the lighthouse in front of you.

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