Chow chow

chow chow

What is a chow chow?

In early China the Chow was an important food source. He was specially reared on grain and then slaughtered while young for tender meat. His skin was used, as was his coat for trimmings on clothes. The breed was also used for hunting and as guard dogs. Two Chows were brought to Britain in 1780 by traders from the East India Company.

Is it possible to raise a chow chow dog?

In fact, if you have no experience owning other dog breeds, a chow is also not for you. Before attempting to raise a chow, make sure you are fully educated about this unique breed. This dog breed is vastly different than most dog breeds you may be familiar with.

How to take care of a chow chow?

Chow Chows are known to have either short and smooth coat, or a rougher and longer coat. Both create a thick woolly layer, as it gets closer to the skin. They should be brushed four times a week; however shedding seasons may require daily grooming. Also, a spray conditioner can help avoiding breakage and tearing to the thick coat of hair.

Is it bad to hit a chow chow?

Like cats, chows carry themselves with dignity. These intelligent dogs, like cats, are not very motivated to please their owners as most dog breeds. They tend to please themselves first, and they can’t tolerate physical punishment. Beating or hitting chow chows could result in breaking their vicious spirit.

What is a chow chow dog?

The Chow Chow, an all-purpose dog of ancient China, presents the picture of a muscular, deep-chested aristocrat with an air of inscrutable timelessness. Dignified, serious-minded, and aloof, the Chow Chow is a breed of unique delights. Chows are powerful, compactly built dogs standing as high as 20 inches at the shoulder.

What kind of appearance does a chow chow have?

Appearance. The Chow Chow is a sturdily built dog, square in profile, with a broad skull and small, triangular, erect ears with rounded tips. The breed is known for a very dense double coat that is either smooth or rough. The fur is particularly thick in the neck area, giving it a distinctive ruff or mane appearance.

Is Chow Chow hot or cold?

Not to be confused with the dog breed, chow chow is a type of pickled relish made popular in North America. Its ingredients can vary depending on what region youre in, but more on that below. Chow chow can be mild or hot, depending on the spices used.

What is a chow-chow?

One Chinese legend mentions large war dogs from Central Asia that resembled black-tongued lions. One Chinese ruler was said to own 5,000 Chows. The Chinese also used Chows to pull dog-sleds, and this was remarked upon by Marco Polo. One author states that the Chow-Chow was also bred for human consumption.

How to take care of a chow chow coat?

Pay special attention to Chow Chow coat as this breed can suffer from painful skin problems because of their thick fur which creates an issue, you will also need to groom your pet’s coat with a brush. One of the best method To take care of Chow Chow Coat is the use of anti-hair loss shampoo or you can use a conditioner too.

What makes a chow chow so special?

The Chow Chow is a very distinctive dog breed, thanks in part to their huge, fluffy coats that are both long and dense, giving dogs of the breed an almost leonine appearance.

What are the problems with the chow chow diet?

Another problem with the Chow Chow diet is that these dogs are highly prone to bloat, an often fatal condition resulting from the dog eating too fast and trapping excess air in its stomach.

When is the best time to feed a chow chow?

For those who feed once a day it is recommended to feed in the evening, since an animal tends to settle down quietly to sleep after a meal. When choosing the correct feed for your chow, it is important to remember that the Chow cannot be fed a lot of meat, if you do the dog tends to have skin problems.

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