00 nation hltv

00 nation hltv

Whats going on with 00 nation?

00 Nation, also known as ZeroZero Nation, is an esports organization acquired by Nordavind on July 6, 2021. January 1st - fer leaves 00 Nation. [7] January 3rd - 00 Nation sign coldzera. [8] January 13th - 00 Nation part ways with trk and acquire malbsMd from Team oNe eSports. [9] [10] January 21st - 00 Nation announce the signing of try. [11]

Are there any upcoming matches for 00nation?

00Nation has no upcoming matches at the moment. Check out our matches overview to see all matches at the moment * Will only show stats for a players current team period. A player leaving and later rejoining the team will not have their previous period (s) counted. No upcoming matches for 00Nation, check back later.

Are 00nation playing events?

00Nation are not playing events at the moment. We have no achievements recorded for 00Nation.

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