Kawasaki r50

kawasaki r50

What is the finishfinish of the R50?

Finish of the R50 is serviceable black and white enamel, with a generous use of chromium plating and many light-alloy parts highly polished. In short, the latest R50 is one of the most outstanding contemporary models, combining to an admirable degree high performance, silky running, quietness, comfort, cleanliness and ease of maintenance.

What kind of engine does a BMW R50 2 have?

The BMW R50 2 was a two cylinder boxer, four-stroke Classic motorcycle produced by BMW between 1955 and 1969. It could reach a top speed of 87 mph (140 km/h). Max torque was 28.77 ft/lbs (39.0 Nm) @ 5000 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 25.48 HP (19.0 KW) @ 5800 RPM. The engine was a air cooled two cylinder boxer, four-stroke.

When did the BMW R50 come out?

The R50 and R50/2 are 500 cc boxer twin BMW motorcycles that were manufactured from 1956 to 1969 in Munich, Germany, by the Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW Aktiengesellschaft). In 1955 BMW created its R50, R60, and R69 models.

How fast can the R50 go on the road?

The rubber-mounted headlamp threw a wide, flat beam which illuminated both sides of the road for a sufficient distance ahead to permit speeds up to 80 mph to be used on unlit main roads in perfect safety after dark. Not a smear of oil appeared on the outside of the power unit although the R50 was ridden hard for many hundreds of miles.

How does the R50 compare to the original Mini?

Clearly an R50 is roomier than an original Mini but not by as much as you might expect, thanks to the encroachment of safety structures. The driving position is modern-car normal, though. As you drive off, you hear a whine from the engine remarkably like, but quieter than, the whine from an original Mini’s idler gears.

Is the BMW R50 a good car?

It qualifies, brilliantly, under all the criteria above, and even many lovers of original-type Minis now accept the R50 (its BMW code name, the R standing for ‘ Rover ‘) for the clever and significant car that it is. How much is your car to insure? Find out in four easy steps.

Is the Audi R50 still relevant 20 years on?

And even 20 years after the 2001 launch, the R50 – along with its derivatives, the R53 Cooper S (supercharger, six-speed Getrag gearbox, 163bhp), and the R52 Convertible – still seems modern.

How much would you pay for a 2006 R50?

A trawl of an enthusiasts’ classified website revealed a high of £4250 for a 2006 R50 with just 31,000 miles, and a low of £950 for a 2005 car with 115,000 miles covered.

What kind of engine does a BMW R 50 2 have?

BMW R 50/2 Make Model BMW R 50/2 Year 1960 - 69 Engine Four stroke, two cylinder horizontally opposed Boxer, pushrod operated 2 valves per cylinder. Capacity 494 cc / 30.1 cu in. Bore x Stroke 68 x 68 mm Compression Ratio 6.8:1 Cooling System Air cooled Induction 2 x Bing 1/24/45 - 1/24/46 carburetors Ignition Magneto ignition Starting Kick

Where were the BMW R50/5 R60/5 and R75/5 made?

The BMW R50/5, R60/5, and R75/5 form a range of boxer twin motorcycles manufactured in Berlin, Germany, by BMW for model years 1970-1973 and featuring electric starting and telescopic forks . For the 1970 model year, BMW launched three new models having engine capacities of 500 cc (R50/5), 600 cc (R60/5), and 750 cc (R75/5).

What does R50 mean on a car?

R50 may refer to : R50 road (South Africa) R50 (Mini), an internal designation for a Mini car model produced between 2001 and 2006. R50 (Nissan Pathfinder), a second generation of car. R50: Very toxic to aquatic organisms, a risk phrase. BMW R50, a motorcycle.

Should I buy a BMW R50?

But there is no need if you ride a BMW twin. All these joys are yours on an R50 five-hundred. And, since the compression ratio is low, they are yours on regular-grade petrol. The R50 is the woolliest of the BMW twins. (Riders who want an out-and-out sports performance may prefer the R50S or R69S.)

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