What is a ardósia and how is it made?

De baixo grau metamórfico, a ardósia é formada sob as menores pressões e temperaturas dentre as rochas metamórficas. A ardósia pode ser transformada em soletos, porque tem duas linhas de folhabilidade: clivagem e grão.

Who is ardósia Nacional?

Located in the main slate extraction area of Minas Gerais, ARDÓSIA NACIONAL, has been in business since 1997 in the industrialization and commercialization of slate for billiards, raised floors, slabs, among other things.

Where are ardosia slate products made?

Ardosia Slate is a UK supplier (based in North Devon) of high quality Brazilian slate products; including slate slabs, slate roof tiles, worktops and commercial slate floors and paving stones, to name but a few.

What is ardesia tile made of?

The Ardesia series is an American-made rectified color body porcelain tile that is available in four colors. Created using digital print technology, Ardesia has the look of natural stone which makes it very versatile as it compliments both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Is Ardisia the same as coralberry?

f. Ardisia ( coralberry or marlberry) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Primulaceae. It was in the former Myrsinaceae family now recognised as the myrsine sub-family Myrsinoideae. They are distributed in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, mainly in the tropics.

What does a Japanese Ardisia look like?

The foliage is dark green and shiny with slightly waved margins. A close relative of the Japanese ardisia is the coral ardisia ( Ardisia crenata ), which is a small, upright, evergreen shrub that grows to six feet tall. This species is more cold sensitive, but will grow well in USDA zones 8 to 10.

Why choose ardosia slate?

Ardosia Slate has 25 years experience in the slate business and chose to import Brazilian slate because of its undoubted, consistent quality. Over the years we have developed excellent supply lines and established an unsurpassed and deserved, reputation for reliably delivering a quality product to meet our customers’ needs.

Why choose ardosia?

Ardosia is based in Devon and has an outstanding team of craftsmen that can manufacture almost any product from slate including bespoke one pieces for commercial clients to large numbers of simple products for retailers.

What products can I buy from ardosia?

See the full range of products that you can buy from Ardosia including flagstones and slabs for your floors to tiles for your ceiling and tiles for your walls.

Why choose Brazilian slate?

Used in conjunction with other natural materials it can be worked to complement a traditional appearance, or with sharp angular shapes can fit the most contemporary of designs. Ardosia Slate has 25 years experience in the slate business and chose to import Brazilian slate because of its undoubted, consistent quality.

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