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How to get from Zürich to Como?

The quickest way to get from Zürich to Como is to train which costs SFr 65 - SFr 120 and takes 2h 35m. Is there a direct bus between Zürich and Como? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Zurich Bus Station station and arriving at Como.

What is the Zürich card?

With the Zürich Card, city explorers can enjoy Zurich in all its diversity and save time and money. Unlimited 2nd class travel by tram, bus, train, boat and cable car in the city of Zurich and surrounding region A lot goes on in and around Zurich in winter.

Why choose my Zurich?

When you care about your business, you need to be at the very center of efforts to protect it. My Zurich allows you to quickly monitor and act on your risk management information, in all countries across all of your locations, in real time. Even out of office hours. Our digital solution puts you in control of your risk.

What if I dont have my Zurich access yet?

If you are a Zurich customer and do not have My Zurich access yet, please contact your Zurich representative in your country or the My Zurich team by filling out the form below. I understand that the processing of my data in connection with the services I sign up to is governed by the Privacy Terms applicable to

How long does it take to travel from Zurich to Como?

The fastest trains from Zurich to Como take around 2 hours and 45 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 179 kilometres. On weekdays, the first train leaving Zurich is scheduled to depart at around 06:10.

How to get from Como to Chiasso?

The best scenery on the journey is on the long climb up to the north entrance of the Gotthard Tunnel. Once out of the tunnel, the line drops down through the Ticino area of Switzerland, skirting Lake Lugano to reach the Italian frontier at Chiasso. Como is the first stop in Italy, just 5 minutes south of Chiasso.

What is the meaning of Zurich?

Zürich (German: Zürich; Swiss German: Züri; French: Zurich; Italian: Zurigo; Romansh: Turitg) is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zürich. It is located in north-central Switzerland at the northwestern tip of Lake Zürich.

Why should you visit Zurich?

Here are seven reasons to visit Zurich. Start with the Landesmuseum, also known as the Swiss National Museum and one of the most visited museums in all of Switzerland. And, it’s right across from the main station, so you won’t have far to walk either. Here you will find important art collections dating back to the prehistoric era.

Is it worth moving to Zurich?

While prices may seem high in this city of bankers, a visit to Zurich is a complete experience of history, culture, parties, outdoor adventures, and total relaxation. Who knows, you may even discover the reason behind the fantastic quality of life and end up moving to Zurich yourself.

Why choose Zurich for your business insurance?

Businesses are changing and new risks need to be considered, and hopefully insured. I think Zurich has done a good job here helping us with insurance, also in more complex situations. Zurich is a great company to work with, from Risk Engineering to Claims Management. They are very helpful, accommodating and flexible.

What is the best area to live in Zurich?

The Altstadt district is arguably the most beautiful area in Zurich. Divided into two parts across the river, the winding streets are lined with houses from medieval times. Some great cafés, restaurants and shops are found here and also Switzerland’s highest concentration of clubs.

If your dealership is not accessible, please contact Zurich Customer Service by submitting an online inquiry or by phone at 888-835-5063. How do I update my name, address and/or contact information on my Zurich contract (s)? Please submit an online inquiry to Zurich Customer Service.

Can I open a claim with Zurich?

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