Wordle new york times

wordle new york times

Is wordle on the New York Times?

MOVED. Many of Wordle’s fans recently discovered Friday that the game has now been placed on the website of the New York Times. Worried about losing Wordle? This hack lets you keep it for free

Why did the New York Times change its list of words?

In a thread posted to Twitter on Sunday 20 February, Andersen said the NYT had changed the original word list in “very small ways” and had removed just six words – fibre, lynch, agora, pupal, slave and wench – likely because they may have caused offence.

Where can I give feedback on the New York Times word game?

While there is still a Feedback option, there is now also a link to the New York Time’s word game Twitter account @NYTimesWordplay and a FAQ.

Is wordle too difficult?

First, stop whining. Wordle isnt any more difficult than it was a week or so ago, before The New York Times bought it, updated the logo and colors, and put millions of Wordle fans on high alert. If anything, it just got easier. I know, five-letter words like Cynic are not easy.

What is wordle and why is it trending?

In January, more than two million people around the world were playing Wordle, the viral sensation that has since been acquired by the New York Times. It has become common on social media for players to post their score using green and yellow emoji boxes, that break down how many tries it took to solve the daily world.

Why can’t I access my Morning wordle fix?

There were others who were finding that they suddenly could not access their morning Wordle fix. The problem? They were New York Times subscribers. It turns out that, for at least a few of us who actually subscribe to the Times, Wordle has an issue with the cookies that the newspaper leaves on our browser.

How do I contact the New York Times Games team?

Email us at nytgames@nytimes.com. the dots... reveal the hidden picture. Nice drawing! a new puzzle. Admire your puzzle. Tackle todays puzzle.

What kind of comments does the New York Times ask for?

The New York Times is interested in articulate, well-informed remarks that are relevant to an article. We welcome your advice, criticism, and unique insights into the issues of the day and invite you to engage with our news content using the comments section, a feature available for select articles on the New York Times website and app.

Can I play the New York Times puzzle in the app?

Subscribers can play the same puzzle that’s printed daily in The New York Times newspaper in our app. This puzzle increases in difficulty from Monday to Saturday, so there’s something for everyone. • SPELLING BEE: Is scrambling your strong suit? Play Spelling Bee and see how many words you can make with 7 letters.

What does a subscription to New York Times games include?

Please note: A subscription to New York Times Games does not include access to any other New York Times products, including but not limited to nytimes.com, New York Times Cooking, Wirecutter, mobile news content and other apps on non-iOS devices. This version contains improvements to keep you solving smoothly!

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