What is Billabong?

Billabong was founded in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in 1973 by Gordon Merchant. At first, he designed and created board shorts at his home and then sold them to local surf shops.

Is Billabong-dont sell this board short?

Billabong - dont sell this board short. The Sydney Morning Herald. Fairfax Media. Retrieved 28 February 2012. ^ Billabong Company Profile. Australian Fashion Review. 28 August 2012.

What is Billabong font?

Billabong Font is a fancy display typeface with an attractive brush and hand-drawn appearance. Type Associates took the fee for designing and freeing it for the first time. This font family gets too much reputation very quickly due to its fantastic attractive glimpses and its use for the Instagram brand.

Is the Billabong brand worthless?

Billabong brand worthless as loss blows out. The Age. Retrieved 27 August 2013. ^ Blair Speedy (28 August 2013). Billabong at brand zero, company posts $860m loss. The Australian. Retrieved 28 August 2013.

What is a billabong in Australia?

A billabong ( / ˈbɪləbɒŋ / BIL-ə-bong) is an Australian term for an oxbow lake, an isolated pond left behind after a river changes course. Billabongs are usually formed when the path of a creek or river changes, leaving the former branch with a dead end.

How did Billabong get its name?

The name billabong is derived from the Wiradjuri word bilabaŋ that refers to a creek that runs only during the rainy season. As of September 2013, Von Zipper, and Element are two of the prominent brands that Billabong owns.

What is the mission of Billabong?

Our mission is inspire the youth and progress as the world around us evolves. For years, billabong has been actively engaged in charitable activities, both locally and globally. billabong recognizes the concept of corporate social responsibility and benevolence.

Why are billabongs important to Aboriginals?

For the Aboriginal people of Australia, billabongs were an important water source. This was due to the billabongs remaining for longer periods compared to rivers. During the dry season, the majority of the water sources dried up, leaving only billabongs.

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