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What do the reviews say about Control Gx?

Most reviews (92% of all reviews) were 3 stars or higher. Here are some of the pros and cons we learned about Control GX from those reviews: The customer based reviews regarding this product have been highly positive, there are many reviews that one can check out before making a purchase.

Does Control Gx hair dye work?

Unlike conventional Just For Men products, you don’t need to comb it in or use it as a dye. Instead, you just replace your conventional shampoo with Control GX, and apply it like you would normally apply shampoo. Most customer reviews we could find online were positive about Control GX, stating that it worked as advertised to dye their hair.

What can I do with GX?

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Does Control Gx shampoo by just for men really work?

Control GX Shampoo by Just For Men claims to use breakthrough technology that can gradually reduce gray hair with each shampoo for subtle, natural-looking results. The manufacturer tells us that youll use Control GX just like any other daily shampoo. After a few washes, youll notice a subtle reduction in the number of gray hairs.

Does Control Gx shampoo really work?

The brand suggests that the Control GX Shampoo is just like any regular shampoo and promises to clean and revitalize the hair. It also helps in increasing the volume to give your hair a thicker and fuller look. The shampoo is not about showing immediate results.

What is Control Gx?

The Control GX line of products are a revolutionary invention for all those men suffering from premature greying and excessive white hair in their manes. In fact, Control GX also makes products for the successful colouring of beards and facial hair while cleaning them through beard washes etc.

Is just for men Control Gx a good brand?

Just for Men Control GX is a ground breaking product for men who are looking to reduce their greying hair. The brand has come out with a line of products which sets the tone for natural looking reduction of grey hair with the consistent use of their shampoos, conditioners and other such products.

How long do the results of Control Gx last?

When you’ve achieved the look you want—often within two to four weeks—you’ll continue using Control GX three to four times per week for maintenance. Results can last up to eight weeks. In addition to gradually reducing your gray, Control GX Shampoo also promises to gently and thoroughly clean and revitalize hair,...

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The Control GX shampoo is designed and tested for usage only on head hair. However, if you want to color your beard or mustache, you can use Just for Men’s mustache and beard coloring products. 9. Can I use Control GX on dyed hair?

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