Better discord

better discord

What is better discord (betterdiscord)?

Better Discord (BetterDiscord) makes your Discord experience much more unique and advanced, allowing you to change your themes, add plugins and new features, as well as even helping you find new servers. However, it can be quite complicated to download Better Discord.

How to modify the look of discord?

You can modify the look of Discord using BetterDiscord. An add-on app that lets you install new plugins and themes in Discord. You can download themes for Discord and move them to the plugin folder that does the job. Here you can find details on where exactly is BetterDiscord plugin folder?

What is betterdiscord plugin and who makes it?

The plugin has over 20,000 downloads, and it’s made by Lucario. If you have BetterDiscord, you should download plugins to increase Discord’s functionality. However, some plugins are against Discord’s terms of service, so you need to download them at your own risk.

Can you get suspended for using betterdiscord?

Using BetterDiscord one can get themes and plugins, and also contribute back by building some of your own. Add-ons such as BetterDiscord provide a way to enhance Discord, but using BetterDiscord violates Discord’s policies, and you risk getting suspended.

Is discord really the best?

Yes, discord is the best. Don’t have to worry about being ddossed/Doxxed like skype and ts. When was the last time you experienced that? More sharing options... More sharing options... Good to know - though I truly doubt theyre making a ton from Nitro.

What is betterdiscord and how to use it?

BetterDiscord is an add-on that can help you manually modify your Discord client’s appearance and functionality. This tool can help you install themes and plugins to improve your overall Discord experience. You can add a rhythm bot to add music to your Discord client.

What are the best discord plugins?

The Best Discord plugins completely change the way you use Discord and provide a lot of time-saving features. What to Know ‣ There are no official Discord plugins, and Discord does not support third-party plugins. ‣ BetterDiscord violates Discords policies, and there is some risk (very low) to using it.

How do I add plugins to betterdiscord?

On your BetterDiscord homepage, hit User Settings (the Clog icon), then click Plugins. Click the Open Plugins Folder at the top of the page. Then, head over once again to the website and select the Plugins tab. Drag and drop any of the useful plugins you like into the Plugins folder to save it.

Can betterdiscord get you banned from discord?

But there has been no case where an account was banned for using BetterDiscord. As long as you don’t use some shady plugins or try to abuse the Discord services, you are in the clear and should not get into trouble with Discord. To find out more about BetterDiscord (is it safe? is it legal? etc.) read our guide on all things BetterDiscord.

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