What can I do with Shelly products?

The wide range of Shelly products have an array of functionalities. Find out all the possibilities you have with them - use cases, projects, reviews, wiring diagrams, and much more how you can make your home smart! Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android, and iOS.

Is Shelly a good character?

Her Super destroys cover and keeps her opponents at a distance! Shelly is a Common Brawler that is unlocked upon beginning the game. She has moderate health and damage output. Her shotgun deals more damage the closer she is to her target, making her excellent for short combat. Her attacks have a wide spread as well.

What is Shelly 2 5?

Shelly 2.5 provides complete Smart Home Automation solution for your apartment, house or office and helps significantly reduce electricity usage and cost, without changing the existing wiring or purchasing expensive and difficult to operate the hardware. Shelly 2.5 is extremely compact and can fit in a variety of electrical consoles.

Who was Mary Shelley?

Shelley was a key member of a close circle of visionary poets and writers that included Lord Byron, John Keats, Leigh Hunt, Thomas Love Peacock and his own second wife, Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein .

Do I need a hub for my Shelly product?

All shelly products use WiFi and therefore don’t need a hub, they can be integrated to work together via the shelly app for iOS or android, OR you can disable the cloud server and use them completely locally with MQTT and a home automation hub like home assistant or openHAB.

Which Shelly devices can be integrated with Shelly?

Each Shelly can be integrated and works with all other Shelly devices in the Shelly app. Shelly EM comes with a programming/debug header which can be used to flash alternative firmware on the device.

What are the best alternatives to Shelly?

One alternative that is popular with smart home hobbyists is the Tasmota open source firmware. The first thing you’ll need to do is to download the Shelly app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You’ll need to create an account and provide the typical permissions to send notifications, etc.

How do I use Shelly em?

Control your appliance with your voice. Shelly EM can automatically turn off the whole circuit if consumption or energy (prepaid energy option) reaches the set limit. Automatically follow the sun and turn Shelly EM ON/OFF based on the sunrise and sunset hours. Create custom daily schedules for your devices.

What is Shelly and how does it work?

It comes with unique and very useful features. Shelly 2.5 is a connected dual switch that comes with power consumption monitoring available for each channel. It’s designed to work existing wall switches, being hidden behind the wall switch or in the ceiling fitting (depending on the wiring schema available in your location).

What is the maximum load on Shelly?

We developed Shelly 2.5 to have a maximum load of 2x2300W or 2x10A. Independent dual power metering for each channel allowing you to monitor the status and history, as well as the current and past electrical power consumption. No HUB required. Wide range of voltage support. Control any 110-230v roller shutter, motorized curtains or awning.

What is the difference between Shelly motion and Shelly 1?

While Shelly Motion ( review) hovers on another side of the size spectrum, Shelly 2.5 is just a little bit bigger than original Shelly 1 ( review) device and it brings so much more to the table. Don’t be fooled, Shelly 2.5 isn’t a replacement for any other Shelly devices. It comes with unique and very useful features.

Which devices are compatible with Shelly?

Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android, and iOS. With the voice assistants, you can command Shelly 2.5 with your voice without having a smartphone around. Shelly 2.5 comes with a programming/debug header which can be used to flash alternative firmware on the device. It has an ESP8266 inside, with a 2MB flash chip.

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