Divain perfumes

divain perfumes

Does Divain smell like J’adore?

It came fast, and smells exactly like J’adore. They even sent 3 smaller test perfumes... To the Divain team! I am so glad I found you. The perfumes are beautiful, last a long...

What is Divain?

DIVAIN is a store selling high-quality similar perfumes exclusively online. But that’s not all, DIVAIN is style and fashion, it’s a lifestyle and a desire to make ourselves attractive and to smell good. This last point is in our hands and in your reach,

What is the return policy for Divain products?

It is mandatory to use the box provided by DIVAIN for shipping, in order to be able to process the return of the products. Step 3: DIVAIN will refund the items you have returned within the next 7 days after the package has been sent by the customer. Including the shipping costs from the original purchase.

How would you describe the smell of AJ adore?

J’Adore to me smells like luxurious soap that you’ll find at a 5 star hotel. The floral and fruity notes here are so creamy, classy and smoothly done and you can tell this fragrance is for a more mature audience, whether that be mature in age or mindset and personality.

Is J’adore a good perfume?

It does a perfume’s job of smelling pretty and clean, but comes off as oddly soulless. Yet, it sells like gangbusters. Perfumer Calice Becker created J’Adore, and it launched in 1999. Dior lists its notes simply as ylang ylang, damask rose and jasmine sambac.

What perfume is similar to Diors JAdore?

The scent of Zara Rose is often compared to Diors iconic Jadore fragrance. Its a fruity floral blend of blackcurrant, rose, and vanilla with peony. Loading ... Are you surprised the popular perfume by Dior would have another dupe? Gingham has a similar fresh, feminine blend as Jadore at a fraction of the price. Loading ...

How do I return an item to Divain?

Depending on the country, DIVAIN offers two methods to return your items, either by a currier who collects the package or via the customer who has to take the item to a corresponding post-office in the respective country. You can get more information about the return of your country by contacting us via Live-Chat.

Is there a return and refund policy for digital products?

In other words, theres not usually a separate Return and Refund Policy thats strictly for digital products unless thats the only type of product your company offers. A Return and Refund Policy is a legal document that determines how your company handles refunds and returns of the products you sell.

What is the law on returning faulty goods?

The Consumer Rights Act gives you the statutory right to return something and get your money back if its faulty. You have the legal right to a refund if you return your faulty good within 30 days of receiving it, regardless of what the stores return policy says.

What is a return and refund policy?

A Return and Refund Policy is a legal document that determines how your company handles refunds and returns of the products you sell. Those products can be either digital or physical. Remember that you may need clauses in your Return and Refund Policy that are specific to digital products, as noted above.

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